Three injured in shooting outside Washington baseball stadium.


The city police continue investigations into the origin of the shots.

Three people were shot on Saturday outside a ballpark packed with thousands of spectators in the US capital, causing play to stop abruptly and spectators to leave the venue.

Police initially said on Twitter that the gunshots hit four people. Still, Washington police second-on-board Ashan Benedict later indicated three wounded in the incident.

He said two of the injured were in two vehicles involved in the shooting. The third victim is a woman on the sidewalk outside the stadium where she watched the game.

At no time during the incident were people inside the stadium watching the game in any danger. This is not an active shooter incident. Everything happened outside the stadium," Benedict told reporters.

He said the woman "is expected to be well."

AFP journalists in the game said that some spectators rushed towards the stadium exits after hearing the shots. In contrast, others remained in their seats at the initial insistence of the announcer.

In-game videos uploaded to social media, several shots from automatic weapons could be heard.


The lights of several police cars lit up the street, and sirens sounded as crowds attending the Washington Nationals-San Diego Padres game were asked to leave the stadium in the Navy Yard neighborhood of southern Washington, DC.

Police said the incident "is being investigated" but that "it appears that there is no ongoing threat at this time."

Initially, he had reported on Twitter "that two people were shot outside Nationals Park." Still, in the same social network, He later indicated that two additional victims of the incident had been admitted to local hospitals for treatment of gunshot wounds.

The Washington Post newspaper said, citing police, that a man was shot in the leg and a woman, back and that their lives were not in danger.

The health of the third injured was not immediately known.

An intersection near the Third Base Gate where police opened fire and closed it.

Minutes after the incident, Washington National's official account tweeted that "a shooting was reported outside the Third Base Gate in Nationals Park" and urged fans to leave the stadium.

As soon as the sound of the explosion was heard, the players left the field, and the game was stopped in the sixth inning, with the Padres partially winning 8-4. The match is scheduled to resume on Sunday.

More than 100 people have been killed in Washington this year, most of them by firearms.

Police offered a 60,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of a man who shot and killed a six-year-old girl on a scooter in southeastern Washington on Saturday.

The United States has a tragic history of gun violence in schools, offices or shopping malls.