Tiffany Trump Stuns In White At State of the Union Like Donald Trump Jr.’s girlfriend, Kimberly Guilfoyle -- Why?

Tiffany Trump stole the show with a white dress during her father's latest State of the Union speech. Did she do this with something precise in mind?

source: ¡HOLA! USA

While President Donald Trump’s speech during the State of the Union earlier this week drew many comments -- including a large number of negative ones -- it looks like he did not manage to steal all the attention at the event. 

Many comments afterward were focused on another Trump family member, his daughter Tiffany, and her elegant attire.

Tiffany Trump appeared wearing an elegant white outfit, which many saw as not only a stylish choice of attire but also a subtle positive nod towards female Democrats. 

Interestingly enough, she was the only one from the Trump family to show up wearing white in support of the recently announced movement, State of the woman. 

This prompted some humorous responses from various commenters on the situation, who joked that Tiffany represented “the resistance.”

Another detail that drew attention to her was the fact that she was sitting noticeably far away from her family while Trump was delivering his speech. 

The attire of Ivanka and Melania Trump was also the subject of many comments, with people pointing out the contrast between their dark gowns and the bright white dress worn by Tiffany.

Whether there is a serious internal conflict between Tiffany and other family members, or if this was a minor thing and mostly for show, is hard to tell. 

The Trump family has traditionally kept its affairs under wraps for the most part, especially when it comes to potential negative developments. 

Still, it is hard to ignore all the interest this incident has generated, and it has brought up many questions regarding the current state of the family behind closed doors.

Donald Trump Jr.’s girlfriend, Kimberly Guilfoyle, who also decided to wear white, took to social media and explained the meaning behind the move.

The former Fox News star wrote:  "Memo to Democrats: You don’t own the votes of all women, and you don’t own wearing the color white!@realDonaldTrump is fighting everyday to advance the interests of women across the country, and I’m proud to stand with him. #WGDP."

Do you believe Guilfoyle's statement? Is this a way to grab headlines? Is the Trump administration good for women like the TV personality claims?