Tigres vs Querétaro: this was the brutal kick of Jonathan Dos Santos on the face of Jesús Dueñas.

source: today.in-24.com

After analyzing the play in the VAR, the whistler chose to expel the Brazilian forward because of the risky blow that could have caused the fracture of the nose of the Tigres player.

In the first victory of the Tigres of the Autonomous University of Nuevo León (UANL) in the era of Miguel Herrera, in addition to the three goals and the scoring debut of Florian Thauvin, among the plays stood out a brutal kick from forwarding Jonathan David Dos Santos on the face of Jesús Dueña s. The referee determined the expulsion of the Uruguayan after reviewing in the VAR the action that could lead to a fracture.

The fifth minute of the additional time to the ninety regulatory minutes when the Gallos Blancos forward played a ball against the UANL player. Being close to the ball, the local player managed to tap the ball to prevent the Queretaro from taking over the position. Dos Santos, meanwhile, displaced his rival with his body and caused his fall, although he could no longer hold the ball.

The scary scene came moments later. When Dueñas found himself lying on the grass of the University Stadium, he caused his rival to lose his balance as well, so he stumbled. However, once he managed to stand up, he extended his left foot back to impact his rival so that he carved his face with the sole of his shoe at the height of his nose. Immediately, the feline player put his hands to his face.

The game had a pause when noticing the player's gesture of pain. In that sense, the central judge of the match went to the video arbitration to analyze the play's development in detail. At the end of the evaluation, he returned to the center of the court, requested the presence of Jonathan Dos Santos, and showed him the red card. The Gallos player, who entered the substitution at minute 46, left the pitch with anger on his face.

The player's passage expelled by Liga MX has been discreet in the days that have elapsed in the Grita Mexico Apertura 2021 Tournament. The former player of the Sports University of Peru came to Mexican soccer with the Alebrijes of Oaxaca as one of the best references after his prominent time in South American football. However, he has not shown his best version in the days played at the moment with Querétaro.

Scorer debut for Florian Thauvin

The match was adverse for the team led by Héctor Altamirano from the first half. However, at minute 21, Nicolás López shone again in the starting box and opened the actions. After a wall by Vigón and Leo Fernández, the ball reached the feet of Diente through a cross into the trim area. It was enough for him to hit the inside of his foot to score the first goal of the night.

The second goal of the night came at minute 49 when the same player received a pass in the vicinity of the area. After making a couple of feints, space was opened, and before stepping on the rectangle, he fired a medium-distance shot that surpassed goalkeeper Washington Aguerre. But, despite the two goals, the real surprise of the night came at minute 79.

Javier Aquino recovered a ball after a bad start from Querétaro. Then, he took the driving to the finish line and sent a delayed pass. There, Florian Thauvin finished with the inside part and placed the ball away from the goalkeeper. Thus, the stellar reinforcement of the Tigres scored their first goal in Mexico and blew up the throats of the University Stadium.

After the win, Miguel Herrera achieved his first victory in the tournament despite the absence of André-Pierre Gignac. The result was translated into the addition of three units to add up to eight in total in such a way that they were located in the fifth position of the table. UANL's next rival will be Mazatlán.