Tik Tok is testing a new tool to find a job. It would be a page on which brands could post jobs

source: techtimes.com

Tik Tok is testing a new tool to find a job.

It would be a page on which brands could post jobs, and users could post video resumes.

Tik Tok is working on a new option to help find employment. The service is testing a recruiting tool, according to Axios, to help users find jobs, as well as companies, brands, and recruitment agencies to find candidates.

As it was learned, the function will not be included in the main Tik Tok application but in a linked web page where job listings are posted. Since it is a video-based social network, the idea is for users to make themselves known through clips. They may also be able to add this content to their profile on the social network.

The company is testing the service with some companies, and there are already several brands interested in participating. Considering that this information is linked to the Tik Tok profile, it is likely that some users want to review the posts they have made on that site. The advice is valid for all social networks.

It is common practice for recruiters to investigate the postings made by candidates on different platforms to know in greater detail who they could incorporate into the company.

Many more details about this initiative have not yet emerged. Still, according to the Engadget site, the company will offer more news about this proposal in the coming days.

What the "Green Screen Duo" is about

Following the innovations, the social network decided to combine two of its creative tools into a new feature that allows users to use a video from another creator as the background for their clip.

Duos and green screen are two of the platform's "popular" forms. Their combination in the new "green screen duo" tool gives users "a new way to collaborate with existing content on the platform.

Green Screen Duo allows a user to choose a clip already created by someone else and use it as a background for their own video. The authorship of the first content is still indicated, and a link to the original is even included.

The new format, which expands the creative effects and collaboration tools, is in the pair's options, as the company reports on its blog.

Platforms such as Instagram or Snapchat have focused on the Tik Tok duos to develop their content of this style, with which a user can attach their clip to that of other creators of the social network, to reply to a friend, show a reaction or participate in a challenge or trend.

On the other hand, the social network seeks to expand its business model. It has now started trials in Europe to make sales within its application. The proposal is that companies include a purchasing tab that offers various products with images and prices in their profiles.

Sources related to the issue told Bloomberg that the platform is working with companies in markets such as the United Kingdom to create a shopping section to find other ways to sell products.