TikTok will have stories like those on Instagram..

source: techcrunch.com

TikTok will have stories like those on Instagram.

The rest of the social networks tried to copy the success of this platform, but now things would have turned around.

Apparently, TikTok has joined the number of social networks that have added the stories function to their platform, in a decision no one expected.

The news was initially released by social media consultant Matt Navarra, who shared on Twitter what were screenshots of the new feature appearing on his own device.

As it looks, TikTok is adding stories in the same way that many other networks have been doing for quite some time; this is how the platform confirmed to The Verge and Mashable.

In a way quite similar to how it has been handled in other social networks, TikTok stories will be recordings that users can upload and disappear after 24 hours from their creation. These videos are being promoted as "a new way to interact with fans within the platform."

In this regard, the social network stated that the decision was made thinking of new ways to allow interaction between users of the platform because they are "experimenting with ways to give creators additional formats so that their creative ideas come to life for the TikTok community."

For now, the feature is only available to a limited number of users; however, the company has not disclosed which audiences exactly belong to that test group or how they were chosen from among all users.

This news has surprised more than one, because recently and due to the success of TikTok, the rest of social networks have been trying to adopt functions similar to those of the short viral videos so representative of the platform. An example of these experiments has been the recent case of YouTube Shorts that the social network of videos has adopted and tried to develop entire communities around these with the options of cutting, pasting, and the equivalent of duetting with those clips.

As for the social networks that have hosted equivalents to the stories, a remarkable case is Twitter with the Fleets. These were short recordings that users could record for their followers to see as part of the content of their walls. They were released in the middle of 2020. Still, They were eliminated due to poor reception and little use without even completing the year.

It should be noted that with this decision, TikTok is entering a function that is already well known on other social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and even WhatsApp.

It seems ironic that in this case, it is TikTok who is adopting a functionality that the rest of the social networks copied from Snapchat when it was the most famous application on the internet. For now, we only have to wait to know if this new function will prove to be the most interesting new fashion within the platform or if it will become the latest internet error in the face of poor reception by users.