Tim Cook suspects he will stay at Apple for ten years, At age 60.

source: bloomberg.com

Tim Cook has worked for Apple Inc. for 23 years and was its chief executive for almost a decade. Still, he used a new podcast skin to suggest some eventual change might be on the way. 'horizon. "I feel good right now. And history is not visible. On Monday, the 60-year-old told the New York Times" Sway" podcast. But another ten years is a long time and maybe not another ten years. 

The interview touched on a wide range of topics, including the controversial Talking social media app that Apple blocked earlier this year, Apple TV +, and autonomous vehicles. When Cook was asked about Elon Musk's claim that he had once tried to discuss the possibility of selling Tesla to Apple, he said he had never spoken to Musk but His great praise and great respect for the company he built.

I think Tesla has set up the head and kept the head in place of the electric car for so long. Cook said without revealing many clues what Apple plans to do in this area. We'll see what Apple does. We are investigating so much internally. Several of them never view the light of day. I'm not saying it won't.

Other topics covered include:

  • When removing Talking from the App Store:

In some ways, it was a candid decision, as they did not reach the App Store guidelines. You cannot provoke violence or let people provoke violence. You cannot allow hate speech etc. And they had moved from moderation to the failure to moderate. 

I hope they come back because we work hard to get people of the store, not to get people out of the store. And so, I hope he puts moderation in store and comes back because I think it's better to be better with less social media.

  •  The attack on the Capitol and the on social networks

I think the breadth of social media is something that worries me deeply. And Target Tools, the same tools used to target advertising, may target misinformation or extremism. And so I worry deeply about it.

It was one of the gloomiest days in our antiquity. And it was performed out in the presence of all of us. I felt like it was more of a movie or something, that it was something that wasn't real, that it couldn't happen in the United States of America. And so I hope it will be examined in depth.

  • On "data theft":

"I am appalled. And so we have things like nutrition privacy labels, privacy policies that have become what people say with their eyes closed, I agree, so they can move on to the next screen. Nutritional privacy labels, such as food nutrition labels, provide you with key knowledge at sight. We will improve this over time. "

  • On Epic Games:

It's about following the rules and instructions of the App Store. And they had been doing it for years, then obviously decided that they didn't want to follow the rules anymore and had taken something to the app review, and then after taking the app review. Application, he had changed it on the server-side. So it was sort of a deceptive gesture. And so we go to court. We come to tell our story. We are going to talk about the privacy and security features of the store. And we are confident in our case.

  • On Apple TV +:

"We are seriously investing in Apple TV Plus."

That's why we are in the product. We want to make the most of it. And so, in the TV Plus area, we are only talking about originals on Apple. "

"We're all doing it. It is not a hobby. It's not a dive. Because it's an original lens, we don't instantly have a catalog with 500 things in it. We will build over time. "

  • On the vote:

I think we are all talking badly about the right to vote. We should talk about the use of technology. How can we make it so simple for our voter turnout to reach 100? Or it's really approaching 100. Maybe we're getting into the 90s or something. It's pretty obscure.