Tinder will add alerts so that users think twice before sending messages with inappropriate language.

source: gadgets.ndtv.com

With artificial intelligence, the "Are you sure?" warns before submitting content that could be harmful.

Tinder wants to eliminate aggressive messages and inappropriate behavior within the dating app. You've developed a new feature called Are You sure? Which sends users real-time alerts to think about what content they're sending to someone else before they do.

As explained by the app in an official statement, the function is based on artificial intelligence to recognize harmful words and warn about the potential offensive result that a message could have. Thus, the process invites you to think twice before sending a message.

This is not the first such function launched by Tinder. Does it bother you?, which alerts the dating service to people who suffer from inappropriate behavior within the app.

The application pointed out that the first results of these functions show that intervening correctly can be significant to change behavior and build a community in which everyone feels that they can be themselves. This has contributed to more matches and more extended conversations during the app's busiest year yet.

How "Are you sure?"

According to Tinder, the Are you sure? (or AYS, as they also call it) has already reduced inappropriate language in sent messages by more than 10% in early tests. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) to detect harmful language and intervenes to warn the sender that its content may be offensive, stopping before sending.

Members of this app have built AI in the past. The first results suggest that Tinder's loss-reducing features will create a better environment for its customers.

Words are as powerful as actions, and today we are in a much stronger position than bullying," Tracy said.

Breeden, director of social safety and advocacy for Match Group. This company owns the app. . "The first results of these characteristics show us that an intervention carried out correctly can be significant to change behavior and build a community in which everyone can be who they want to be, " he added.

Tinder started on a college campus in 2012 and today is the most popular dating app, available in 190 countries and more than 40 languages. It has been downloaded more than 430 million times, according to official figures.

Using dating apps as a vaccination campaign

The White House has partnered with Match Group Inc. to promote the COVID-19 vaccine on online dating apps such as Tinder, OkiPad, and Hedge. The app's campaigns will begin in the coming weeks and run until Independence Day in the United States on July 4, according to a statement sent this week.

President Joe Biden has set a goal of vaccinating 70% of American adults with at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine by that date. The White House also announced partnerships with transportation services Uber and Lyft earlier this month to meet the goal.

Match said its campaigns would include a search for profile badges to identify immunization centers and other new features of the app, such as consumer immunization status.