Tokyo 2020: A softball player shared her version of the uniform controversy.


Tatyana Forbes, a Mexican-American player, used her social networks to explain what happened around the clothing found in plastic bags inside the Olympic Village.

After the Mexican softball team went viral at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games for allegedly throwing their uniforms in plastic bags, one of its members decided to break the silence and share her version of events.

Tatyana Forbes, a Mexican-American player, used her social networks to explain the situation and denounce the media lynching of which she was a victim.

Similarly, Tatyana said "proud and grateful" to represent such a "wonderful" country.

These last few days have been difficult for me, knowing that I have become a source of frustration for family and friends in Mexico. It is also disturbing to hear such hateful and threatening comments and messages when most people do not know more than what is published in the media, read the statement posted on the Instagram account.

Tatyana Forbes was sincere and shared that the bond that united her with Mexico went beyond the Olympic Games. The athlete confessed that she decided to participate in the Mexican softball team in honor of her mother, who was born in the Mexican state of Sinaloa, specifically in Mazatlán.

Honestly, five years ago, when I decided to join the team, the Olympics were not necessary for me in the picture. I simply joined the team out of love for the country and to represent my FAMILY, especially my mother, who was born and raised in Mazatlán", he argued.

The player noted that "she has always been proud of her family and Mexican heritage," so it was not her intention to disrespect Mexico.

"I would like to explain from the bottom of my heart that it was never a bad intention. I was only allowed one 25 kilo suitcase. My Olympics jerseys with Mexico on my chest, which I wore with great pride, were the first things I kept as I never thought of leaving them behind. I assume all responsibility for leaving the lining clothes that we received. Still, it was not the only thing because I also ended up going my clothes and personal accessories, "he added.

The athlete regretted "not having found a better solution to donating these items, so now the only thing left for me is to assume responsibility."

"I hate that my career had to end on such a hard note, but I am not done. I want to do this right. I will never be able to explain in words how grateful, proud, and fortunate I was to represent such a wonderful country, and I hope you can hear everything I have told you because it is the plain truth. Long live Mexico forever", he concluded.

The head of the National Sports Commission (Conade), Ana Guevara, expressed her dissatisfaction with the Mexican boxers who shared the controversial photographs of the softball uniforms abandoned in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Village.

However, Guevara limited himself to passing judgment on the situation that triggered a series of negative comments against the Olympic softball players.

Athletes do not know how much they can say or use the networks to communicate. Now in our country, we have a deep sentimentality for what the Olympic uniform is worth. Still, in the United States, where they receive a lot of equipment, it becomes utilitarian, and I am not justifying, but I do not want to assess who is at fault, but we must take action on the matter, "he mentioned.

For this reason, he pointed out that athletes Brenda Cruz and Esmaralda Falcon were not informed of the behavior at the Olympic Village, which, he said, usually has a code of conduct that explains it. The extent to which networks are used.