Tokyo 2020: Aranza Vázquez will fight for a medal after qualifying for the final in 3-meter dives.


The Mexican stood out in each of the rounds and thus achieved her pass to the last stage of this modality.

Despite the disqualification of Arantxa Chávez in the three-meter springboard preliminaries, Aranza Vázquez Montaño managed to reach the final of this modality by positioning herself in fourth place during the semifinal of these Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

It should be noted that the semifinals consist of five rounds, and only 12 of the 18 participants go to the final stage of the competition. Thus, during his first participation, Montaño made a dive of two and a half turns inwards with three degrees of difficulty, with which he obtained 67.50 points.

During the second round, the 18-year-old Mexican achieved a cumulative 132.60 points by carrying out a jump of three and a half laps in front with 3.1 of difficulty and placing herself in the fifth number of the table.

In the third stage, Vázquez made a dive of two and a half laps backward with 3 degrees of difficulty with 194.10; while in the fourth, he obtained 257.10 accumulated points.

However, it was in the fifth and final round where Aranza gave everything and managed, with a dive of two and a half laps and a turn with 3.0 degrees of difficulty, to position himself in the final, finishing fourth behind Jeniffer Abel from Canada {a Wang Ha, and Shi Tingmao from China.

During the quarterfinals, Aranza performed three and a half laps to the front on her first jump and managed to improve her first jump. He scored 55.80 points by receiving scores of 6.0. Thus, by the second round, the Mexican athlete had climbed to position 17, barely enough to go to the semifinals (18 accesses)

With his fourth dive, Vázquez found better luck. His jump of 3.0 difficulty earned him ratings of 7.5. He added 66.00 points, left him in position seven in the classification, an optimal location to reach the last round.

In the last stage, already headed towards the semifinals, Aranza sealed his ticket with a 3-degree dive with two and a half laps and one turn. Until that moment, the Mexican had accumulated a total of 232.80 points, very close to the next round. He had to sign a limpid jump to avoid depending on other people's results. And so he did. He received grades of 7.0 and 6.5 to add 61.50 points and confirm his participation in the semifinals, the last step before the direct fight for medals. The Chinese Shi Tingmao dominated this preliminary round with 350.45 points.

What happened to Arantxa Chávez?

Arantxa Chávez said goodbye in the preliminaries of the three-meter springboard after a failed dive. Unfortunately, the Mexican staggered when executing her jump, and when she was about to detach from the springboard, she fell into the water with her feet first.

At the start, Chávez got off to a good start. The 30-year-old competitor executed a 3.0 degree of difficulty dive, with two and a half turns inward, which received grades of 6.5 and total points of 58.50. It didn't look bad on the stage.

The outlook began to get complicated for Chávez as of the second round. His jumper missed entry, and the judges were unforgiving.

Later, and due to the unusual failure, Arantxa finished in the last position of round three, practically without any possibility of sneaking between the 18 competitors who entered the final.