Tokyo 2020: Demita Vega RS: X ranked 22nd in the women's regatta.


Even though the Mexican won points in her competition, she lagged behind first place.

The Olympic adventure continues, and the hopes of obtaining medals remain intact for the Mexican delegation.

During the early morning of July 26, the Mexican Demita Vega stood up for the country in Tokyo 2020 through a complex sport such as the RS: X women's regatta event held in the Port of Enoshima.

Through her talents and perseverance, Vega has left a good image in the national community-based in Tokyo and in the pages of the international media.

In the run-up to this Monday, Demita was placed in position 16, far away from the first places, such as the French Charline Picon, the Chinese Yunxiu Lu, and the Israeli Katy Spychakov.

Meanwhile, during the last session at Inoshima, the Mexicans moved up one position to No. 15.

In contrast, in the first three places of the competition, the only one remained the French Picon in the second position, surpassed by the Dutch Lilian de Geus and above the Italian Marta Magetti.

However, in the competition of this July 26 (night in Japan), Demita concluded in position number 22 with the same number of points in his fourth Windsurfing competition, this with a view to the final scheduled for the next July 31 at 12:33 am in Mexico.

Windsurfing consists of a route in which the buoys are positioned so that you go up to the wind "girdling" and then you go down in the stern or doing laps.


Due to the time difference, many activities occur during the early morning hours, so the country wakes up with the new news of the  Olympic Games.

Disciplines that will also see activities will be the men's diving team. In the 10-meter platform category, Kevin Berlin Reyes and José Diego Balleza Isaías will participate and seek to win an Olympic medal since diving is one of the disciplines where Mexico commonly wins and usually takes a trophy.

On the other hand, mountain biking will have participated in these Olympic Games. The Mexican cyclist José Gerardo Ulloa Arévalo will compete and participate in the men's Cross country. Finally, in the Weightlifting discipline in the women's 55 kg division,  Ana Gabriela López Ferrer will debut at the Olympic Games.


00:35 hours:  Vela, Elena Oetling, race 3.

00:50 hours:  final skeet, Tiro, Gabriela Rodríguez (in case of advancing,  possibility of a medal )

01:00 hours: Diving Platform of 10 meters manly. Kevin Berlin Reyes and José Diego Balleza (prospect of an award).

01:00 hours: end of mountain biking. José Gerardo Ulloa Arévalo ( possibility of a medal ).

01:05 hours:  Vela, Elena Oetling, race 4.

01:50 and 04:50 hours:  Fencing, individual foil, quarterfinals and semifinals, Diego Cervantes. (only in case of moving forward).

05:50 hours:  Women's 55 kg weightlifting. Ana Gabriela López Ferrer ( possibility of a medal ).

06:00 hours: Women's Softball Mexico vs. Australia (first phase).

These hours are in central Mexico time.

The vast majority of the events can be seen by  Claro Sports and Marca Claro and live broadcasts on its YouTube channel.