Tokyo 2020: Japan's brilliant hitting that led to Mexico's second baseball loss.


With two homers, Japan consolidated its second victory in the tournament and forced Mexico to play the first playoff match against the Israeli team.

The Mexican Baseball Team held its second match at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games tournament. The challenge was not easy, as they faced the Japanese team, host, and one of the leading candidates to head the podium in the discipline. However, the power of the Japanese in batting was decisive to sentence the defeat because with a couple of home runs; they buried Mexico's aspirations to improve its position in the group.

The start of the meeting was favorable for Mexico Ninth. In the first inning, the defense, led by starting pitcher Juan Oramas, held off Japan's attempts. Even after hanging the zero, when Benjamin Gil turned, they managed to go ahead on the scoreboard. Isaac Rodríguez managed to settle on first base with a hit, and then, with a powerful shot from Joey Meneses, he managed to score the first run in the history of Mexican baseball at the Olympic Games.

The reaction was immediate. With the opening of the second roll, the Japanese equalized the actions thanks to Hideto Asamura. Despite the tie, the pitching dual continued for a while, but the hosts took the lead with a run in the third inning. In view of this, Benjamin Gil chose to remove the starting pitcher and entered Edgar Arredondo for the fourth role.

The decision was beneficial to the Japanese Baseball Team. In his first inning upfront, the new pitcher allowed two opponents to get on base. 

The situation got out of hand, and the first home run of the game came from the hands of Tetsuto Yamada.

With a solid hit, the Japanese sent a fly ball to left field dug into the stands at Yokohama Stadium. Joey Meneses could do nothing to prevent the scores.

The score was placed in five races for Japan to one for Mexico. The answer to national aggression came in the same episode, but it was not enough to catch the rivals. By the end of the fourth inning, the Tricolor was already trailing three runs apart, and uneven appearances in the batter's box didn't help the players out of the pothole.

The slate remained intact for the next three episodes. The relays of Sasagi Sánchez, a pitcher assigned to the Red Devils of Mexico, and César Vargas gave results, and both were able to hang zero during their intervention. However, Japan's display of offense continued when Gil called Manuel Bañuelos from the bullpen, as one more run entered the Japanese ninth and put the score at 6-2.

In the eighth episode, another race put Mexico on the ropes. The manager began to brainstorm in the battle plan for the third place in each group with the unpleasant results. The Japanese reached seven runs and increased the lead. However, the offense woke up in the lower part of that episode. 

Thanks to Mexico's first homer, he added two more runs to his account and was three runs behind the partial winners.

Joey Meneses, who established himself as the best hitter in Mexico, scored two more runs with Homer, which he sent to save in the left-field stand. With 27 out, a second loss was sentenced. Nevertheless, the good news for Mexico is that the offense finally managed to score after a shutout against the Dominican Republic. However, veteran Adrian Gonzalez has not yet appeared.

The next opponent will be Israel, who will advance to the quarter-finals of the Central Mexico Playoffs on Saturday, July 31 at 10:00 pm, which will bring together the worst teams in each group. However, if he loses, he will be eliminated from the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.