Tokyo 2020: Maria Fassi and Gabby Lopez take Round 1 T41 and T24 positions in Women's Golf.


The representatives of Mexico in the women's golf branch finished far from the medal positions, although there are three days of competition left.

The first round of the women's tournament kicked off this Tuesday to break golf discipline at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. Representatives from Mexico, including Maria Fassi and Gaby Lopez, attended the opening ceremony and served as the standard-bearer for the national delegation at Rommel Pacheco.

Unfortunately, however, the two finished far from the top positions.

The first to appear at the Kasumigaseki Country Club was Maria Fassi. The 23-year-old athlete was part of the group that inaugurated the actions. His direct rivals were Mone Inami, representative of the host country, and Albane Valenzuela, who flagged Switzerland. At the end of the 18 holes, the Mexican finished in the T42 position, tied with five more women who closed with two strokes above par.

The best positioned of the first trio was the Japanese golfer, who culminated in the group of the 14th position with a stroke below par. Meanwhile, the representative of the European country completed the test at the T24 site as she managed to cover 18 holes on the first day for which she was configured for the correct number of strokes; that is, she finished with the statistics at zero.

Meanwhile, the flag bearer of the Mexican delegation had her debut a couple of hours later. She was part of group number 14 and American Jessica Korda and Celine Boutier from France. In her case, the golfer from Mexico City finished her participation in a better position than Fassi. However, far from the podium venues, since in the end, he recorded the exact number of strokes that credited him to T24. Her rival from the United States was part of the same group and, on the contrary, the representative of France closed her participation with the same number of blows as Fassi. In this way, he closed the first day of activities in group T42 with two strokes above par 72.

Thus, the day leader on August 3 was Swedish Madelene Sagstrom, who had the best stats and took the lead with a score of five strokes.

Thus, the day's leaders played on August 3 were the Swedish Madelene Sagstrom, who had the best statistics and took the lead with the mark of five strokes under par. In the second place, there was a tie between Nelly Korda from the United States and Aditi Ashok from India, who had a start of 67 strokes or four under par.

Below them, those who could dispute the third position of the tournament to maintain their performance are Matilda Castren, from Finland; Jin Young Ko, from South Korea; and the Spanish Carlota Ciganda. They all registered a statistic of 68 strokes or three, so they shared a group of people in a position as T4. It is worth mentioning that the tournament winners will be known at the end of the four rounds scheduled in the following days.

Golf, back to the Olympics

The discipline first appeared at the 1900 Paris Olympic Games, with repetition four years later. However, it was the last time. Finally, after 112 years, it returned to the Rio 2016 schedule. It consists of hitting and putting a ball within an 18-hole course in the fewest number of strokes.

There are two formats for its performance. First, the Match Play consists of the competition between two golfers against each other hole by hole. The second, used in the Olympic Games, is Stroke Play. In this, a certain number of athletes participate in four rounds of 18 holes over four days. For Tokyo 2020, 60 athletes participate per branch.