Tokyo 2020: they eliminated Mexican Lino Muñoz after the second defeat in Badminton.


Kevin Cordónn, the opponent from Guatemala, took both sets with scores 21-14 and 21-12.

Kevin Cordón, the opponent from Guatemala, defeated Lino Muñoz, the Mexican, during the second game of the individual badminton group stage in Tokyo.

On July 26, 2021, inside the Olympic Stadium in Musashino One Forest Sport Plaza, Japan.

Lino lost 21-14 and 21-12.

The Mexican could never get to his opponent's rhythm, so he fell behind in all sets. It was difficult for him to hit points consecutively until he finally fell.

The match ended early after the Guatemalan played two of three sets without problems, lasting 22 and 20 minutes.

While Cordón achieved up to five consecutive points, the Mexican did not link more than two during the entire match, in addition to keeping a majority of nine points made without serving. A maximum of five made with serving.

With this result, he was permanently eliminated from the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games.

Lino Muñoz fell in his Badminton group stage debut

Hong Kong-born player Ka Long defeated lino Muñoz during his first day of activities at Tokyo 2020. The match was played at the Musashino Forest Sports Plaza.

The Mexican's start was fragile, and for much of the first set, he remained behind by more than five points. 

Already with a comfortable advantage, he took the reins of the Asian match, and Leno failed to wake up, losing the opening set 21-9.

Ka Long was dominant starting the next set. He surprised the Mexican player, who trailed 8-1 during the first points of the second period. Lino could not cope with the precise shots of his rival, who maintained a fast and aggressive pace throughout most of the match.

Unfortunately, the Mexican went against the current from start to finish and never managed to impose conditions. As a result, the match culminated in a victory for Ka Long in two sets, after the Asian won the second 21-10.

The dominance of the Asian was reflected when in a lapse of the second set, it obtained an advantage of 13 points on the Mexican. Lino Muñoz could only get two points in a row throughout the game.

Both players managed to be effective with their serve and did not concede any foul with their serve. The most extended play of the game lasted 25 hits, and the overall average was just eight hits. 

The game usually ends with a Long or Mexican winning shot that crushes his pictures into the net.

Other results from Mexico

Gabriela Rodriguez, a female skate shooter, and Diego Cervantes, a fan, were excluded from their respective articles and will bid farewell to Tokyo 2020.

During the early morning of July 26, the Mexican Demita Vega stood up for the country in Tokyo 2020 through a complex sport such as the RS: X women's regatta event held in the Port of Enoshima. The Mexican advanced one position to place number 15.

The men's beach volleyball team debuted at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. In a remarkable demonstration, the athletes Luis Rubio and Gastón Gaxiola left everything on the court. However, they were beaten by the Russian Olympic Committee and lost the last two sets. Giving the final victory to their rivals.

Mexico's Jose Belleza and Kevin Berlin finished fourth with 407.31 points, close to entering the medal zone, where Britain's Thomas Daley and Matty Lee won gold medals.