Tokyo 2020: What medals will the AMLO government award to the athletes who obtained fourth place.


Andrés Manuel López Obrador will create medals for those athletes who obtained a fourth place in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

During the flagging ceremony of the athletes who will compete in the Paralympic Games in Tokyo, the President of the Mexican Republic announced the creation of medals for the athletes who finished in fourth place during the Olympic tournament that has been held in Japan since last month of July.

These awards will highlight the effort and sports performance of those athletes who could not get on the Olympic podium. Andrés Manuel López Obrador said that the medalists will be recognized, but also those seven athletes who have already completed and could not win any medal.

We will receive those who won four medals, but also those who came in fourth. On the flag of the Paralympic delegation, the President said that we are going to set another award because it was almost that they did not get it.

The famous fourth place medals will be a symbol that rescues and recognizes the value of performance in Tokyo. This is because the competitors were very close to winning, but they did not reach it because "that's what competition and sport are like." This recognition will be made once the participation of the Paralympic delegation has concluded, as the President wants all participants to meet at the same time.

The supports and recognitions will be made in the National Palace with the two delegations present. In the Paralympic Games, Mexico will take 60 athletes who will participate in 11 different disciplines, and that the participations are outstanding because this edition, the 300th medal in history, could be achieved.

When talking about such support, he stressed that it would not be an expense from some unknown fund but that Mexican taxes would support it. "The government that I represent is a government of the people. Therefore, with the people's budget (public money), we are going to give them their support when they return", affirmed the Mexican President.

The athletes who came in fourth place and who may be awarded this medal created by the President are the softball team, Jorge Orozco (Sports Shooting), Alexa Moreno (Artistic Gymnastics), José Balleza and Kevin Berlin (Diving), Carolina Mendoza, and Dolores Hernández (Diving), Yahel Castillo and Juan Zelaya (Diving) and Gabriela Agúndez (Diving).

This is not something new because AMLO had already mentioned previously that the fourth place would be considered: "Mexico supports them, supports them and they are doing a good job, and when they return we will also consider the fourth places that have done exceptional work. Those who have occupied the fourth place, which is several, especially in gymnastics, which is unprecedented, "said the federal executive in previous days.

After Mexico's performance in the 2020 Olympic Games, some criticism from the fans and the athletes themselves did not wait. Whether for administrative procedures and the government itself, some of these opinions also fell directly to the athletes, so these medals can be interpreted as a way of assessing the athletes' efforts.

In contrast, the parathlete Rosa María Guerrero, a discus thrower, presented her perception of sports management by the authorities at the ceremony. "Thank you because we know of the great support that is being given to the sport of Mexico, that they have sought the mechanisms to ensure that they give us stimuli to continue our preparation, which will allow us to obtain the best results."