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Maskne is a common issue- here is how to resolve the problem and get the right formula

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As COVID rages on, there is no light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to knowing when we may be able to get rid of masks once and for all. If you google the term #maskne, you notice the problem starts due to friction between the skin and the mask. This irritates the hair follicles and can cause acne. Dr. Daniel Man states, “Continuous use of masks not only complicates breathing of the skin, but may also cause skin problems. I have recently seen an uptick in cases of acne as a result of overuse masks during COVID times. We wear it for long hours and I have seen wounds on the skin develop in both adults and young people.”

Wound growth worsens since the environment is rich with moisture and bacteria, causing other organisms to grow. The mental anguish brought on by the acne makes it even worse. Wearing the mask causes dead cells to drop off the skin and land in the pores, clogging them. #maskne has even developed for those who never had these wounds before. As the weather gets warmer, the skin situation declines. Heat and moisture that cause bacteria and fungus creates a delay in the ability for skin to heal and small, microscopic cuts form.

As our faces appear more and more on social media, we have to use various kinds of filters to smooth out the irregularities of the skin. What can be done to prevent this? Dr. Man shares his tips below:

1. Choice of Mask: 

If you choose a surgical mask, discard it at the end of each day, especially in warm weather. If you use a multi-use mask, wash and dry it daily. In addition, wear masks that are made of 100% cotton to allow breathing of the skin. 

2. Change in skin care habits:

Daily use of the mask causes different conditions of the skin. Sometimes we need to change products we have been using for many years. Use products that are gentle and light, without oils that are non-comedogenic. Don’t use sponges or electrical instruments. Use just your fingers and rub the skin gently and not roughly. 

3. Sunscreen:

During hot weather, it is important to protect the skin not covered by the mask. Use sunscreen that is not too oily and non-comedogenic, for example, Silagen SPF-30 made by Newmedical technology. Stay away from sunscreens that are oil-based that can worsen the acne. Apply the sunscreen at least 20 minutes before using the mask, so the skin will absorb the cream and not form another layer of moisture underneath the mask. 

4. Stay away from makeup. Do not use makeup under the mask, especially thick and heavy creams that clog the pores and may worsen the acne. 

5. What does one do if acne wounds occur?

See a Board-Certified physician who treats acne conditions. One of the treatments that Dr. Man uses a DMMD solution for acne problems. This method is an application of a cream, which is applied twice in the physician's office 2 weeks apart and a daily home treatment. The DMMD skin system treats hyperpigmentation, acne breakouts, acne scars, rosacea, melasma, sun damage, under eyes dark circle, and large pores.The hyaluronic acid base cream has about 17 complementing ingredients to work on skin tone, texture and improve the above named skin conditions. Results are seen as little as a couple of weeks, varying from patient to patient and reaction to treatment. 

Dr. Man says, “Many creams have a high rate of developing side effects and dermatological conditions, breakouts, dermatitis, uneven colorations and they clog pores. You have to use them for a few weeks, even months to see a slight improvement. The initial in office application is evaluated by a physician and cream is tailored according to each patient.”

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