Törədi Ассused the Lоuisville Роliсe оffiсer Ассused оf Hitting оn her Knees Demоnstrаtоr

A demonstrator is in your hands in the air at the event, which took place during a protest over the death of the Breonna Taylor, authorities said.

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Brett, P., Evans, an officer with the Louisville Metropolitan Police Department, was indicted on Wednesday on charges of disenfranchisement in the Color of Your Actions, and the Act of May 31, 2020, mostly documents, statistical records, and mainly in the district court for the Western District of Kentucky.

"Corey, P. and Evans, that is, to act in accordance with the law, whether intentionally deprived of the custody of the M. K. a the right to be protected by the Constitution and laws of the United States of america, to be free from unwarranted arrest has the right to be free from the use of gratuitous violence to the police," the documents state.

The court said, adding that Evans is on this page, M. K., on the back of the head with a baton, and M. K. was on his knees with his hands up, surrendering to his arrest. - Criminal reasons for the damage."

Evans ' attorney, Brian Butler, declined to comment on Thursday.

According to him, the Louisville police department, asked Evans to present the documentation of early termination of employment. The department officials, and at the same time, it is not a direct answer to what caused the fire, said in a statement that the alleged actions in the notes, May flowers in protest of the federal government.

"The boss' office immediately, according to the charges to the federal government when it came into the light," the statement said. "An internal investigation, which was stopped out of respect for the federal investigation, and the Director of the Evans' were transferred to administrative duties. A federal investigation led to Evans, ' the indictment said. Today, Officer Corey Evans is going to have to submit to his parole papers."

The police have also released 37 pages of Evans's personal history. These files indicate to mixed messages.

Evans rose to officer rank, in March 2015.

He was praised for his bravery and for going above and beyond the call of duty, among other things, in order to receive a thank-you note from his chief, so that the loading and unloading of the wounded victims of the armored personnel carrier of the shooting during a protest on May 28, 2020. Emergency medical personnel cannot be in any other way, to be sacrificed in order to get the fire of the enemy's one, the material is.

In March 2020, he was asked to give comfort to a woman who jumped off a bridge, the train station, and in the water. First, he called out to her, and spoke to him from the wall, ordered him to swim back against the wall, and hold on until the midst of the fire and rescued him.

Please visit the elephants, the touch, the heart of China. May be the reason why they had left the house.

However, it has been studied, and the violation of the institution's policies and procedures have been found from time to time. The records show that in September 2015, Evans failed to turn in a video of an event, as he is deadly, came over for a pit bull. He was under investigation by the excessive use of force, which is related to the incident in December 2018. In this post, which was partially edited.