'Transforming States' is Born to Reinvent Human Connection through Art During Pandemic Times

Masha Ermeeva is Showcased her Work During Spectrum Art Basel for All to Experience

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Masha Ermeeva is a Russian-American multimedia artist based in Miami, Florida. Her large-scale figurative abstractions invite viewers to introspection, allowing them to explore such themes as intimacy, soul connection, and balance. Energetic, loose strokes and dynamic composition communicate two intertwined matters paramount in the artist's work - transformation, and movement. The last series, Transforming states,  displays her signature style, recognized by monochromatic palette, flowing organic shapes, intelligent use of negative space, and intuitive brushstrokes. Masha’s solo exhibition will take place during the Art Basel week at Spectrum Art Fair, Dec 1st-5th, Booth #S206.

Masha states:   "I believe the purpose of making art is self-expression and connection via visual language of symbols. I feel grateful for an opportunity to resonate with my viewers, open dialogues, and impact others through what I do. Working on my last series of paintings, I was inspired by the movement and perpetual transformation, reflecting upon uncertainty in the world today that we experience personally and collectively. The world is taking a course toward individual isolation; we begin to lack authentic connection and human touch- which I attempted to portray in a bond between two figures."

With a natural affinity for arts, Masha started painting at a very young age. Supported by her mother, who provided her with a creative environment and education, Masha developed an array of artistic skills and work ethic that helped her future career in art.

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More about Masha Ermeeva

Masha Ermeeva earned BFA in Florida International University and studied Modern and Contemporary art and the art market at Sotheby’s and Christie’s in New York. Living in the city, she got inspired and motivated by its art scene, diversity, and vibrant energy which influenced her confidence and determination in artistic pursuits. Prior to the artist’s relocation to the US, she was studying at the Art Institute in Russia, where she spent years practicing traditional painting techniques. Currently, Masha works on canvas, paper, and digital formats: developing animations, graphic art, and NFTs. Her animated paintings from the series “Transforming States” can be found and purchased at https://www.mintgolddust.com/artists/masha-ermeeva