Trevor Noah Sees Donald Trump As First President To Live Up To His Words -- Was This A Compliment?

Comedian Trevor Noah says President Donald Trump is the first leader of the free world to "actually deliver" on promises that were made during the campaign.

source: Vimeo

While criticism against US President Donald Trump has been growing lately, with various people coming out with statements against him, it looks like the former reality TV star still has his fair share of supporters.

Some people have been quite active in defending the Republican politician in public recently, and there have been various voices calling for him to get a second chance.

Most recently, comedian Trevor Noah came out with a statement that took many by surprise.

According to the Comedy Central star, Trump may be the first US president so far to stand up to what he has promised and deliver on those words.

However, it does not look like the message was stated in an entirely supportive manner.

Instead, Noah started pointing to examples that painted his statement in a different light.

He reminded people that Trump had promised to build a wall and to ban Muslims from the country, and he ha actually been working hard on those fronts.

While some were initially surprised by the idea that Noah could come out as a Trump supporter, it quickly became apparent that he had a different plan with his statements, and he had no intention of actually standing behind Trump and his actions.

The comedian was previously highly supportive of President Barack Obama during his terms and has expressed his positive attitude towards him on several occasions.

In that context, few were surprised by the idea that he would come out with even sarcastic remarks like these, targeted at the current president.

Noah said the following during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel's late night show: "Ironically, it's funny that Donald Trump would be the first presidential candidate to actually deliver. Hate him or love him, he's doing the things he said he was going to do. In the beginning, everyone was like, 'He doesn't mean build a wall, he doesn't mean ban all Muslims,' and [Trump] 's like, 'No, it totally means that.' So that has given us purpose."

Here is the contrast to when Obama was president: "But what do you have to be angry about? Things are going great right now. Your economy is growing; your president is loved."

Do you think Noah has a point on this, yes or no?