Tropical Storm Elsa has caused heavy rains in the American city and has stranded some motorists inside their cars.


The shocking images of New York underwater.

Tropical Storm Elsa has caused heavy rains in the American city and has stranded some motorists inside their cars.

Tropical Storm Elsa, which has caused torrential rains in New York, United States, caused the inhabitants of that great city to resort to jet skis to get around, in addition to forcing them through subway stations infested with rats and rainwater that arrived at the waist of the users.

The thunderstorms caused widespread flash flooding throughout the city, with amounts of water reaching up to the waist of New York subway users as the Washington Heights subway station was flooded.

The storm's maximum sustained winds peaked at about 50 miles per hour as it moved through New York and Long Island, the National Hurricane Center said in an update at 8 am. Friday.

Several highways in the Bronx and Manhattan had to be closed this Friday, and rains of up to 6 inches are forecast to fall in some areas. A Bronx resident was seen using a jet ski to cross an alley that was completely underwater.

After hitting the southeastern United States, Elsa headed north and began hitting New York this Friday morning. According to data from the Daily Mail, the storm has already caused multiplex injuries and at least one death in Florida and Georgia this week.

There were some disruptions on nearby train lines on Friday, with slight delays on the Harlem line north of the city, and service on Long Island Rail Road's Oyster Bay was suspended due to falling trees.

So, on the Major Deegan Expressway in the Bronx, the NYPD's Strategic Response Group was deployed Thursday to rescue drivers whose vehicles had stopped due to large amounts of water on the roads.

Authorities used a truck designed to set up barricades to control the crowd. New York police officers rescued several stranded drivers and loaded them onto truck beds into floodwaters.

Those rescues took place near 179th Street in the University Heights neighborhood.

Meanwhile, several Manhattan subway stations also suffered severe flooding. For example, in the Washington Heights neighborhood, Train Station 1 at 157th Street was submerged in deep water.

A video disseminated through social networks shows a woman entering the subway station, stepping into the dirty water full of garbage to reach an arriving train while holding a bag that she carries over her head to avoid getting wet.

Another of the stations that underwent flood loss was Penn. The Metropolitan Transit Agency warned that train service was suspended between Inwood-207 Street and 181 Steet' due to an excessive amount of water that accumulated at the level of the track near Dyckman St.'

"Teams are actively addressing flood issues at our stations. We have strengthened stations in flooded coastal areas. "However, when the streets are flooded, the water will always come down," the agency said in a statement.

"Please be careful and do not enter flooded stations while our teams work to resolve this," added the agency.

New York City's major airports experienced significant delays as the storms progressed, and incoming traffic was halted until bad weather passed. The Mets' football game against the Pittsburgh Pirates was another casualty of bad weather, with the 7:10 pm game rescheduled for Friday.

Friday night's game is also in jeopardy as Tropical Storm Elsa makes its way off the east coast.

The forecasters predict that tropical storm-force winds reach Elsa, New York City, on Friday afternoon.

The National Weather Service said in a bulletin that Tropical Storm Elsa, which is passing through northeastern North Carolina this evening, will be followed by hurricane-force winds and heavy rain tonight in parts of the Mid-Atlantic and parts of the Northeast. Will continue Thursday

He added that 2 to 4 inches of rain is expected from northeastern North Carolina to New England, with large amounts locally, which could result in multiple showers and even urban flooding. Bulletin.