Trump accused Biden of creating a US border crisis.

source: Foxnews

The only way to end the "Biden border crisis" - affirms the former President - is for the new government to admit "its total failure" and resume previous policies.

The former President of the United States, Donald Trump, has issued a statement in which he blames his successor, Joe Biden, for not knowing how to manage the migration crisis on the border with Mexico while accusing the Democratic leader of turning the "national triumph "which he achieved during his tenure in" a national disaster. "

Trump's statement comes after Biden commented this Sunday that he would travel to the border with the neighboring country in the face of the increase in illegal border crossings in recent months. Upon returning to the White House after spending the weekend at Camp David, the President told reporters that he would do so "at some point." However, he did not specify a date.

We are happy to give the Biden presidency with the most secured border in history. Trump said All they had to do was to get this system operating easily on autopilot. 

The former President claims that the Biden administration has converted the national victory into a national disaster in a few weeks instead. 

The current wave of undocumented immigrants trying to enter the US is on track to reach its highest level in two decades. He said on Tuesday Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, in a statement about the growing concern over the government's response.

This Sunday, the senior official returned to address the immigration situation, which he described as "especially challenging and difficult," while blaming Trump for "completely dismantled" the US border control system developed by both parties' previous administrations.

For his part, Trump calls these claims "pathetic," "useless" and "national disgrace" in his statement and argues that "even someone with Mayorkas' limited capabilities should understand that if [the option to] trap and free the world's illegal aliens, then everyone will come. "

The ex-president urged to resume the construction of the border wall with Mexico, paralyzed since the first day of the new administration, since - he maintains - The only way to stop the Biden border crisis is to accept their absolute defeat and accept the most productive and proven trump strategies.