Trump And Biden Exchange Jabs 17 Months Out From The Elections

source: Wikipedia

 As is usual during an election cycle, Iowa is once again proving to be a battle state.  While traveling in Iowa on Tuesday, President Trump and presidential hopeful Joe Biden laid into one another.  The unleashing of verbal attacks made it feel more like the final days before Election day, rather than the fact that we are 17 months off before the polls even open.

The back and forth jabs showed just how the political states are beginning to rise, so far out from the election.  Trump seems to feel that Biden is a real re-election threat, as he zeroed in and doubled downed on trying to keep him at bay.  Biden is not letting Trump deter him from his task of winning the Democratic presidential nomination and is continuing to campaign as the front-runner that he is, while at the same time ensuring his democratic base that he will ignore their demands.

After touring Council Bluffs at a renewable energy facility located there, Trump made the statement about Biden that: “People don’t trust him  Even the people that he’s running against, they’re saying: Where is he? What happened?”

Trump went on to compare Biden to "crooked Hillary," stating that Biden shows up in Iowa once every two weeks, makes his stance, then proceeds to mention Trump's name an excessive amount of times in his speeches.  He reminds the voters that standing for nothing, and opposing his policies is the very reason that he feels Hillary lost her campaign.

Biden, while speaking in Davenport on Tuesday evening, suggested to those present that Trump as an "existential threat to America," and it was the voters job to stop Trump from what Biden called the elevation of the office beyond its traditional power, and proceeded to accuse Trump mockingly to he thinks he has "complete power."

Amongst a crowd of around 500 at the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds, Biden drew cheers when he cried “No, you don’t, Donald Trump.”  Biden is campaigning again on Wednesday in Iowa; however, Trump will not be there.

As for Trump, he has more than said that he wanted Biden to be the candidate he goes up against in the 2020 election.  When speaking to reporters on the White House lawn, Trump said:  “I’d rather run against Biden than anybody.  I think he’s the weakest mentality, and I like running against people that are weak mentally.”

So, what’s the verdict—you decide.

Will all the early jabs and preening end up helping the candidates over the next 17 months?