Trump and ICE To Begin Doubling Down On Removal Of Illegals And Undocumented

New protocol to begin as Trump has ICE officers begin to round up illegals and undocumented aliens.

source: Wikimedia Commons

In a tweet that was posted to his personal account on Tuesday night, President Trump seemed to tease that a massive Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) operations may very begin as early as next week.

Trump stated that he would have ICE "begin the process of removing---millions of illegal aliens," that are currently on US soil.  He added, "they will be removed as fast as they come in."

No elaboration was forthcoming by the president on just what operation he was indeed referring to.  However, Nick Miroff, a Washington Post reporter, made the suggestion that Trump may very well be referring to the White House plan that would arrest and deport thousands of illegals.

According to reports by both the Washington Post and the Associated Press, officials within the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) had been mulling around a plan that would facilitate the arrest of thousands of undocumented migrants, and their children, through the conduction of raids across the entire US.  However, at that time the idea was said to have been shelved, due to both a lack of resources as well as the concerns of possible public outrage.

Miroff offered: "Usually major operations of this sort are considered 'law enforcement sensitive' and a closely held secret, not telegraphed by the president." Also included in Trump's Tuesday night tweet was praise for Mexico and they're using their own strong immigration laws to help block undocumented individuals from even reaching the US border.

Also included was the news that Guatemala was "getting ready" to, in fact, sign an agreement with the United States that was termed a safe third-party deal.  Under the new agreement, those individuals who were fleeing persecution in both El Salvador and Honduras would now seek any requested asylum in Guatemala.  If the agreement is signed by Guatemala, it will be the first protocol of its type with a Latin American country.

Opponents of the protocol have more than made their opinions known with activists such as the Human Rights First group, based in New York, stating that the agreement is "simply ludicrous." Guatemala, they add, suffers its own high levels of violence, and in fact, would be incapable of protecting any refugees that they may receive.

As it stands now, Trump is making it clear that entry into the US will look different in the coming year, and that if we are to protect our borders and our country, hard decisions need to be made, and a firm stand needs to be taken.

So, what’s the verdict—you decide.

Will Guatemala taking on those seeking asylum from El Salvador and Honduras put a dent in the influx of illegals into our country?