Trump Calls Comey A “Disgrace” As Comey Calls For Trumps’ Indictment

source: Tracy Few

President Trump called Comey a "disgrace" when the former FBI Director suggested that the president could possibly be indicted after he is out of office.  The comment was made by James Comey Thursday during a televised town hall.

During the event, hosted by CNN's Anderson Cooper, the question was posed to Comey of whether he agreed with other former prosecutors who have come out saying that Mueller would have in fact charged Trump with obstruction of justice if the being the sitting president he was protected against such indictments via a DOJ policy.

Comey stated that “Yeah I agree.”  He went on to offer what he felt were examples from Mueller’s report, that supposedly showed request from Trump to former White House Counsel Don McGahn and former Attorney General Jeff Session to work towards ending the special counsel’s investigation.

Although many on the left feel the president should be indicted, the reality is with the current DOJ policy, an indictment would not be fair, in that the president would not be able to vindicate himself should he come to trial.

Comey has been very outspoken that the president will be indicted when he leaves office, however when asked point blank on the issue by Cooper, Comey backpedaled a bit replying "I think the Justice Department will have to take a serious look at that. Whether it's a wise thing to do to a former president, I don't know.”

Before the Mueller report was released, Attorney General Bill Barr presented a summary of the findings.  There was, in his summary, absolutely no evidence to support that collusion occurred between the country of Russia and the Trump campaign.

During the Mueller investigation, the special counsel was also looking into possible obstruction of justice by the president.  Barr also indicated, in his review of the report, that there was not sufficient evidence present to charge the president with the alleged obstruction of justice offense.

As for Comey, the president tweeted Thursday stating “James Comey is a disgrace to the FBI.”  Trump went on to say that Comey will go down as the worst Director in the FBI’s history.  It is no secret that Comey and Trump have traded insults for years, with Trump having fired Comey two years ago this week, on May 8th, 2017

What’s the verdict—you decide.

Is this nothing more than a lot of posturing by the left heading into the upcoming election season?