Trump calls on politicians who refuse to get 'flawless' covid boosters

His remarks appeared to be directed at Florida State Government Ron DeSantis, of the Republic, who has so far refused to answer


Former President Donald Trump on Tuesday criticized politicians who refused to say whether they had received the Covid shooting.

In an interview with the far right cable channel One America News, Trump said he got a booster and saw politicians being asked in talks whether they too had a third shot.

"They don't want to say it because they don't have the courage," Trump said. “You have to say, whether you have it or not. Say it. But the fact is that I think vaccines have saved tens of millions worldwide. I have never had any side effects. ”

Trump is scolded by supporters after saying he had received a booster

DEC. 22, 202101: 21

Trump said the Covid vaccine strongly prevents people from being hospitalized or dying from the disease.

"If they get it, they don't go to hospitals for the most part and die," Trump said. "Before it was a horrible thing, and now they are gone."

Trump’s recent comments seem to be partly an attempt to change the dialogue about vaccines and take credit for the effort. In a statement Trump referred to the response to the epidemic under his leadership, saying he had "done very well with medication and, vaccines and everything else and did it at recorded times," although the release of his bosses' vaccines was hampered by delays and shortages. . While in office, the former president also underestimated the impact of the virus and avoided safety instructions such as wearing a mask.

Trump's remarks in the interview also appeared to be part of a statement to Florida State Governor Ron DeSantis, who is considered a potential Republican president in 2024, who has so far refused to answer questions directly about whether he received a provocative gun.

Trump's top adviser who was not authorized to speak publicly on the former president's state of affairs said Trump was not too upset about DeSantis and instead was just expressing his opinion.

"Actually, when you think about that Trump's play on power and why voters are attracted to him in the first place - you may not like what he says, but he calls them that he sees them and doesn't try to seduce them. names like ordinary politicians, ”said the adviser.

Asked about DeSantis as a rival, the adviser pointed out that there was no evidence that he beat Trump in a 2024 theory game, and DeSantis' comments about getting a booster hurt the governor because it made him look good.

"It's hard to be Trump 2.0 if you can't be a real shooter," said the adviser.

"In response to this statement, DeSantis' spokeswoman Christina Pushaw said in an email:" President Trump did not mention Governor DeSantis in that interview, so I do not want to speculate. "

In a separate interview with NPR released Wednesday, in which he hung up the phone, Trump was asked what advice he would give to uncircumcised Americans.

Trump said Biden's management mandate to strike "hurts our country" and that it should start promoting and making alternative therapies available. Management officials have been recommending new treatments aimed at helping patients with Covid.

Asked again for advice on policies, Trump said he recommends taking it.

"But I think that should be a personal decision," he said. “And if some people don't want it, they shouldn't take it. They cannot be authorized, as the saying goes. And I think that's very important. Personally, I feel very comfortable about taking them. I never answered. ”

Without comment, Trump did not encourage his supporters to be vaccinated. At a party in December he was attacked by an audience after revealing that he had found a gun that encouraged him.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 75 percent of US people have received at least one dose of Covid vaccine and approximately 63 percent have received two doses. About 37 percent of people also get a booster shot.