Trump Is ''Corruption in the Flesh,'' Sen. Elizabeth Warren Says

source: Instagram

White House hopeful Sen. Elizabeth Warren issued her most powerful anti-corruption message before a crowd of 20,000 supporters in the historical Washington State Park in Lower Manhattan on Monday. 

While presenting her ''inside-outside'' approach for government reforms, she attacked President Trump once again saying that he is ''corruption in the flesh.'' In her view, despite that Trump sworn to serve the nation, he was only interested in himself and his partners in corruption. 

She used the occasion to make her most explicit appeal to the female voters since she announced her bid for the Oval office. She branded her campaign as a continuation of the female-led labor movement that started in New York in the early 1900's.

Warren talked about Frances Perkins and the women-led union movement established after the 1911 Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire, in which 146 workers, most of which female immigrants, lost their lives nearby Washington State Park.

Perkins witnessed the incident and initiated reforms to secure the rights of garment workers. She later became President Roosevelt's labor secretary and the first female Cabinet member in the United States.

Sen. Warren drew similarities between that story and her people-focused presidential campaign. In her words, a century after the tragedy, the greed of corporate America is alive and causes the deaths of thousands of people nowadays.

Warren pointed out that Americans are dying every day by floods and fires due to the indifference of the big fuel corporations. Warren finished her speech with an appeal to all the women in the United States to boost working-class Americans by curtailing the influence of the large businesses.

In a detailed post on Medium earlier on Monday, Sen. Warren also focused on the reform in federal courts. A former law professor at Harvard University, she promised to revive the public trust in federal judges. 

Although she did not explicitly mention the name of Brett Kavanaugh, Sen. Warren stated she would redraft ethnic code for federal judges. She would also appoint a whole new generation of judges that believe in the rule of law.

Referring to her old-time rival Donald Trump, the Massachusetts senator once again emphasized that corruption has put our planet at risk and also has broken the U.S. economy and democracy.

What do you think? Do you agree or disagree with Sen. Warren's accusations that Donald Trump is ''corruption in the flesh''?