Trump is creating his own social network after the veto of Facebook and Twitter.


Jason Miller, advisor and spokesman for Donald Trump's 2020 campaign, announced that the former President is outlining the creation of his new social network after the veto of Facebook and Twitter. After meetings he has had with various people at his residence in Mar-a-Lago, this seems to be his next big political move.

Before it was partially closed by the coronavirus, former President Donald Trump's meetings in his private club in Mar-a-Lago seem to have borne their first fruit that outlines his return to politics: a new social network so that no one can censor him, just like Facebook and Twitter did.

Since he left power, his residence in Palm Beach, Florida, has become the center of Republican politics where many politicians go not only to take pictures, children to strategize and raise funds to get to power, as he has recently made Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who is seeking the governorship of Arkansas.

The prominence of Mar-a-Lago

This Sunday, Jason Miller, advisor and spokesman for the 2020 campaign, announced on Fox News that Trump would launch a new social network and highlighted the leading role that Mar-a-Lago has played as the venue for the redefinition of Republican power and how from there, Trump's new social network was hatched.

He said in Mar-a-Lago, there have been many powerful meetings with some teams of people, and it is not only one company that has approached the President.

I think the President knows in which direction he wants to go here, and this new platform will be great, and everyone wants it. He said It would bring millions, millions of people to this new platform.

Miller noted that his residence in South Florida is the lynchpin of conservative politics.

He said This union had had over 20 senators and 50 members of Congress who visited or made a trip to Mar-a-Lago to ask for their help.

Sanctions against Trump

It should be remembered that Trump lost his popular Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube accounts after inciting his followers to take the Capitol in Washington DC on January 6 that left five dead, to prevent the confirmation of Joe Biden as constitutional President of the U.S.

Other platforms on which Trump supporters communicate, such as Gab and Parler, have been found under surveillance during the investigations that followed the assault on the Capitol.

Although Trump was promoted to a second impeachment trial for these events, he was ultimately acquitted. Only seven Republican senators voted to hold him responsible for the attack on Congress.

He is now able to run for President again, and a new social network would be the ideal tool to spread his ideology and keep his supporters active.