Trump Is Temporary in Office, the Squad Is Here To Stay, Rashida Tlaib Says -- Does She Have a Point?

source: Pixabay

In her first detailed interview since Tel Aviv canceled her planned visit to Israel and the Palestinian territories, Rashida Tlaib talked about her work and the constant attacks of President Trump against the women of color in Congress.

Tlaib told The Guardian that in her view, President Trump is scared of the women of color like her as in her words, they are are not afraid to speak up. We are not afraid to say that we have a white supremacist with a hate agenda in the White House, Tlaib asserted.

In comparison to him, we have a real agenda for fellow Americans, Tlaib added. She highlighted that some of the ideas she and her colleagues Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ayanna Pressley stand for, are often supported not only by their fellow Democrats but by some Republicans and independents. Ideas such as eliminating student debt, Medicare for all, ending corporate control of the government enjoy extensive support among different groups in Congress, Tlaib pointed out.

Such policies, continued Tlaib came from the people. In her opinion, President Trump uses her and her fellow Congresswomen of color to distract the public opinion from his failures as a head of state. 

In Tlaib's view, what Trump cannot realize is that the so-called ''Squad'' is much larger than the four women of color he often refers to. The ''Squad'', Tlaib says, goes beyond Washington. It also encompasses all the women from diverse backgrounds across the nation that have to overcome challenges daily. While Trump is only temporary in office, the ''squad'' is here to stay, Tlaib says.

Rashida Tlaib admitted that battling Trump is not the main focus of her job. Instead, she has been trying to tackle the poverty in Michigan's 13th district, the third poorest in the United States.

Until now, she worked on numerous anti-poverty programs while establishing four constituent services offices, apart from campaign operations. Their staff provided the unprivileged locals with advice on tax credits, water shutoffs, legal help. In addition to that, they also connect older people with food assistance services.

Furthermore, one of her main goals was to protect the area from the pollution from the Koch brothers petroleum coke piles among the Detroit river. Another local issue she is working on is the limitation of the facial recognition technology used by Detroit police. According to local activities, it misidentifies black people at a higher rate.

What do you think? Do you support or oppose Rashida Tlaib's statement that President Trump is scared of the ''squad"?