Trump reappeared at a rally and demanded that China pay $10 trillion for COVID-19.


The former president has returned to the political scene of the United States with a speech during the convention in which he has proved his 

Former President of the United States Donald Trump has reappeared this Saturday at a convention of the Republican Party in North Carolina and has taken the opportunity to demand one hundred percent tariffs, the cancellation of the debt, and 10 billion dollars in reparations for the COVID- 19.

Trump has replied to the political scene of the United States with a speech during the Republican Convention in which he has publicly confirmed his achievements, rejecting the decisions of the current president Joe Biden and Has repeated false claims about According to the CBS television network, the 2020 election fraud.

However, he has set his target for the next election in 2024 and the midterm elections. "America's survival depends on our ability to elect Republicans at all levels, starting with next year's midterm elections," he stressed.

Trump has criticized Biden's policies on immigration, the economy, and abroad, saying the country is being "destroyed" before the eyes of many citizens.


The former president has also expressed his interest in knowing the origin of COVID-19 and has urged the United States Government to investigate the issue when some point to Chinese laboratories as the birth point of the virus.

However, Biden's principal medical adviser, Dr. Anthony Fauci, has been against this theory, which Trump has criticized him.

"He's not a great doctor, but he's a great promoter," Trump said. "He likes television more than any politician in this room, but he's been wrong on almost every subject, and he's been bad in Wuhan and the laboratory.

According to the Fox News Network, to offer China a bill of at least $ 10 billion to offset the losses generated by "COVID-19", in this line, he pointed out that "all countries We must work together. "

As a first step, he said that all countries should collectively cancel any debt incurred by China as compensation.

In addition, the former US president has reiterated his position on imposing 100 percent tariffs on any product imported from China.