Trump reveals he got a Covid booster shot; the crowd is harassing him

Former President Donald Trump did this during the final launch of "The History Tour," a live talk show with former Fox News presenter Bill O'Reilly.


Former President Donald Trump has revealed he has received an inspiring shotgun of the COVID-19 vaccine, which is inhaling the Dallas crowd.

Trump disclosed this Sunday night during the final stop of "The Journey of History," an interview program he did with former Fox News presenter Bill O'Reilly.

"Both the president and I are concerned," O'Reilly told the American Airlines Center, attracting some mockers from the audience, according to O'Reilly's online video "No Spin News."

"Did you get the booster?" asked the former president. "Yes," replied Trump. "I got it too," O'Reilly said, arousing an additional hector.

“Don't do it! Don't do it! Don't do it! Don't do it! Don't! ” Trump told the crowd, raising their reaction with his hand.

Although Trump has expressed opposition to vaccination instructions, he has long been honored with vaccines built into his watch. At the same time, he has refused to urge his supporters to take them, even though Republicans remain much younger than Democrats for protection.

For example, while other world leaders, including former Vice President Mike Pence, President Joe Biden and Deputy President Kamala Harris, received their doses in public to promote a life-saving medicine, Trump chose to receive it privately - acknowledging the unpopularity of the policy. with large layers of his foundation. And while blaming Biden management for serious vaccinations, he has been disregarding public health recommendations while in office, promoting the use of unproven therapies and downplaying the threat posed by the virus as he tries to prioritize economic recovery and protect momentum. term.

Trump told the Wall Street Journal in an September interview that "maybe" he would not get a motivating shotgun.

"I feel like I'm in a good position with that idea," he told the newspaper. “I'll look into things later. I'm not against it, but maybe it's not mine. ”

The U.S. has been urging all eligible Americans to get inspiring shots as soon as possible as the country faces a growing diversity of new, highly infectious omicron. Both Moderna and Pfizer said the booster booster of their COVID-19 vaccine seems to offer protection against this new version, the first evidence suggesting it could better protect vaccines than previous versions.

Trump was hospitalized with COVID-19 in October 2020, a few weeks before the presidential election, and received diagnostic treatment for monoclonal antibodies. His former chief of staff, Mark Meadows, revealed in a letter released this month that Trump was more ill than the White House revealed at the time.

Ahead of the riot, Trump on Sunday told the audience they should "be grateful" for the success of vaccines developed during his tenure.

“Look, we have done something historic. We have saved tens of millions of lives worldwide. Together, all of us - not me, ourselves - have received a vaccine, made three vaccines, and amazing therapies, "Trump said. "Do not rob yourself."

"You play on their hands when you say, 'Oh vaccine,'" he added. “If you do not want to take it, you should not be forced to take it. Nothing is authorized, ”he said with a sigh. “But get fame because we have saved tens of millions of people. Take credit. Do not let them take that away from you. ”

Trump's aides did not immediately respond to a request for comment Monday.