Trump Still Against The Climate Change Resolution -- Does He Have a Point?

source: Pixabay

During the G-20 meeting in Osaka, Japan, President Trump re-affirmed his position on the need for climate change action, saying that ''our country has the cleanest water and air ever.''

Moreover, Trump was reportedly trying to find supporters among the other G-20 leaders to oppose the Paris Agreement. According to anonymous sources familiar with the matter, Trump attempted to convince Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Turkey, and Australia to take his side in opposing the commitments to stand by the Paris climate agreement made at previous G-20 meetings.

As the U.S. President did not find the support he needed, he reportedly signed the final declaration to curb climate change, including a clause that would allow Washington to be exempt from commitments outlined in the agreement.

Speaking to reporters in Osaka, Trump commented that breaking from the rest of the 19 developed economies, cements his position to withdraw from the Paris Agreement, as in his view, it is against of the interest of the American taxpayers.

Our President's latest comments on climate change came a few days after an Associated Press report showed that the U.S. experienced a significant increase in polluted air days in each of the last twenty-four months, compared to any of the previous four years under the Obama administration.

In addition to that, earlier this year, the Environment Protection Agency found out that reductions in greenhouse gas emissions slowed under Trump as his administration keeps rolling back Obama's regulations to reduce harmful gasses emissions.

At the same time, earlier last week, New York City officials declared a climate emergency, mobilizing local and national responses to combat global warming. The bill cited several official reports on the state of global warming and its impact.

According to the New York lawmakers, the United States has repeatedly obstructed international efforts to transition towards a green economy. In their view, our country should change its course and rapidly address climate change threats.

Climate emergency declarations do not come up with measures on how to slow it the climate change. They mostly have a symbolic meaning and expresses the municipality's readiness to fight it with future legislation.

More than 670 governments in 15 nations worldwide have already declared climate emergencies. However, only 18 out of these 670 are in the United States. Among them are San Francisco and Hoboken, New Jersey. Los Angeles is among the municipalities which have not yet declared a climate emergency, but it is already taking measures to combat climate change at a local level.

What do you think about that matter? Do you support or oppose President Trump's position on climate change?