Trump To Keep Pence As Running Mate In 2020—Polls Show That Trump’s Approval Ratings Are Dipping

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On Sunday, Donald Trump officially announced his choice for running mate in his bid for reelection in 2020—and to no one's surprise, he chose to stick with his current vice president Mike Pence.  President Trump told reporters, before boarding Air Force One in New Jersey, that “I think Mike Pence has been an outstanding VP.”

Trump went on to state that he felt that in terms of love, from a lot of people such as the evangelicals, as well as so many others, that they all have a great deal of respect for Pence, adding that he himself did as well.

Trump did admit that a few other names had been floated past him, as possible Pence replacements on the election ticket, but added that he had no current plans to abandon his vice president.  He said it was the standard for a lot of people to bring up several different names when it is time to think about reelection.

He cited the fact that everyone in the loop thought, at that time, Obama was going to run with a different vice president, but ended up sticking with Joe Biden.  It was thought, in his second term, that Obama would choose to go with someone else—but he didn’t.  Trump said much like Obama, he was happy and was going to stick with Mike Pence.

As the current incumbent, it is pretty much a given that Trump will be awarded the Republican nomination for the 2020 Presidential elections.  However, his possible running opponent is anyone's guess, as the massive field of potential candidates have the Democrats scratching their heads on who to nominate.

Fox News released a poll last week that did not bode well for Trump.  According to the data collected, the upcoming 2020 race is looking to be a very uphill battle for the president.  The poll data showed that Trump could very well lose against several of the Democratic hopefuls if chosen, including Vice President Joe Biden, Senator Kamala Harris, Senator Elizabeth Warren, as well as Senator Bernie Sanders.  With the same poll, it was determined that Trump's disapproval ratings showed to be at near-record highs.

In a statement to reporters on Sunday, Trump said he wasn't "happy" with the results presented from the Fox News poll, and offered that he didn't believe the results to be true or entirely accurate.  Trump went on to say, "Fox has changed.  My worst polls have always been from Fox."

So, what’s the verdict—you decide

Is the decision to keep Mike Pence as his running mate a wise move for Trump?

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