Trump Voters Feel He Is NOT A Racist—Polls Virtually Unchanged Since February.

source: Wikimedia Commons

Huffpost and YouGov teamed up and conducted a new poll recently, and discovered that Americans, to the tune of 50% to 35% that Trump is a racist.  This poll shows that nothing has changed since the last public opinion poll in February of this year.

When the pollsters asked Trump voters their opinion, an estimated 88% replied that they felt that President Trump was not a racist.  On the other hand, an equally estimated 92% of voters who stated they supported Hillary Clinton during her run for the White House in 2016 felt that he was a racist.  As for those who chose to either vote for another candidate or just decided to not turn out to vote at all, 49% to 22% feel that Trump is a racist.

The poll itself, conducted shortly after Trump made what some are calling a series of racist tweets, directed at a group of minority congresswomen freshman.  However, the poll conducted before the most recent Trump rally, where the attendees forcefully changed "send her back!", her meaning Minnesota democrat representative Ilhan Omar.

Although the poll data showed 49% to 35% of Americans feel that the tweets were indeed racist, a larger percentage, 60%-27% think that the tweets were just downright inappropriate.  As was expected, all the responses showed a profound divide down the political party lines.  

It is also worth noting that another poll, conducted by USA Today and Ipsos, found much similar results, however, two-thirds of those polled were already aware of the controversy.  As a result, those in the latter poll called out Trump's tweets as being offensive, with the majority of the polled individuals stating Trump's comments were un-American at best.

What is not surprising is that 38% of those polled feel that most or all Republican's agree with what Trump said in his tweets, with only 28% feeling that only some, if not none, of the party, supported the comments.

The most significant divide between those polled seems to be that of how the Republicans chose to handle the controversy.  Two-thirds of those who either found the tweets to be racist or at least inappropriate, felt the Republicans dropped the ball in their lack of condemnation, whereas 8% felt the GOP had handled the situation appropriately.

So, what’s the verdict—you decide.

Did the Republicans sufficiently handle the controversy Trump’s tweets created?