Trump Wants Air Force One To Show Our Countries Patriotism—Wants To Give Plane A Facelift

Democrats vote in amendment in an effort to block Trump's plan for Air Force One facelift.


Trump’s latest idea has Democrats madder than a traveler on a 12-hour layover.  The president plans to give Air Force One a "makeover," making its aesthetics bolder and more update—shall we say "more American"—is not sitting too well with the Democrats.

Mockups of his proposed new design for Air Force One were presented on Thursday.  The aircraft sported a more patriotic theme—with red, white, and blue—and replaced the lighter blue color base with a much darker blue.  The lighter, more sky blue, base color has been used on the aircraft since all the way back to the Kennedy administration.

Trumps stated the reason for the change is that he is wanting the plane to look “more American,” as opposed to what he refers to as the “Jackie Kennedy color.”  When speaking to Fox & Friends on Friday morning, Trump said: “I think it’s going to look much better, actually.  I like the concept of red, white, and blue.”  He went on to say that he felt the baby blue just doesn’t fit us.

The design change comes along with a new contract with Boeing to construct two new Air Force One aircraft to replace today’s current models, which are over 30 years old each.  Trump was able to strike a deal to purchase the Boeing jets for $3.9 million after having negotiated the price down $1.4 million from the original price estimate.

In what many see as yet another effort to throw a monkey wrench into any idea that the POTUS has, a Connecticut Democrat just one day earlier introduced an amendment to the Pentagon spending budget that would call for congressional approval on all "interior, paint and fixtures" spending.  The president's plans for giving Air Force One its facelift would fall under this new amendment, which the Democrat-controlled House Armed Service Committee passed with a 31-26 vote right along party lines.

Joe Courtney, Representative for Connecticut, stated the reasons he introduced the amendment were: “Additional paint can add weight to the plane, additional fixtures inside the plane can also add cost and delays to the delivery of the plane.”  Courtney went on to insist that he never had any intention of trying or doing anything to block the president’s plan to giving the aircraft their facelift.

Another Democrat, Representative John Garamendi of California, weighed in telling a newspaper that care needs to be taken in consideration of changing the appearance of Air Force One.  He went on to state that the plane was an established symbol of American leadership around the world.

So, what’s the verdict—you decide.

Should Air Force One sport a more patriotic appearance as Trump suggests?