''Trump Will Eat Them Up,'' Michael Bloomberg Says 

source: Instagram

Michael Bloomberg, the newest White House hopeful, said in an interview with CBS's "This Morning," that Donald Trump would easily defeat all the other Democratic candidates. "He would eat 'em up," the billionaire declared.

The former New York mayor joined the presidential race last month. Although he has been disparaging all his Democratic rivals in private, he had never been so critical of them in public.

The 77-year-old media mogul pointed out once again that Donald Trump was not the right person for the Oval office as he lacked the right temperament, ethics, and even the intellectual capacity to do this job.

In Bloomberg's view, the US government has never performed so poorly, both at home and on the international scene. He openly blamed the President for it.

The former Republican turned Democrat highlighted once again that America could not afford another four years of Donald Trump. Bloomberg admitted that he decided to run for President after carefully monitored all the other Democratic candidates to find out that Trump can easily defeat all of them.

Commenting on the presidential campaigns of US Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, Bloomberg feared that their liberal proposals to expand government programs with taxpayers' money would alienate voters in battleground states.

Bloomberg would compete with 14 other Democrats to win the party's nomination for the White House. The contest begins in Iowa on February 3. 

Recent opinion polls show the billionaire earning nearly 4% support among the Democratic voters. However, he is still behind the leading rivals, among which Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, and Piet Buttigieg.

Although he previously declined ambitions to become President, Michael Bloomberg announced his bid with a USD 37 million advertising campaign.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren was among the first competitors to accuse him of an attempt to buy his nomination. Since his first day as a White House hopeful, Bloomberg has been stating that Donald Trump is ''an existential threat to our nation and values.''

The former New York City mayor also said on numerous occasions that his main goal as a future President is to ''defeat Trump'' and  ''rebuild America.''

It takes an ego to think that you can do this job, Bloomberg said, highlighting that his 12 years of experience as a New York City major are giving him the confidence to believe he can be the right President.

What do you think? Do you agree or disagree with Michael Bloomberg's statement that Donald Trump would ''eat all the other Democratic candidates up''?