Trump's Ally Boris Johnson Becomes U.K. Prime Minister -- Would He Reach a Brexit Deal?

source: Pixabay

Boris Johnson, the former London mayor, and the foreign secretary has become the new U.K. Prime Minister.

The celebrity leader gathered 66 percent of the votes from Conservative Party Members or two-thirds of the eligible votes to clinch the victory over his rival, the Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt. 

It is worth mentioning here that unlike other nations, Britain elects a party, not a leader. It means that the ruling party could change its leader and remain in power.

Queen Elizabeth II would invite Johnson on Wednesday to form a government. Theresa May's successor would be the 77th U.K. Prime Minister and the 14th to serve under Queen Elizabeth II. The U.S. born Boris Johnson, 55, inherits a government known for multiple failures to achieving consensus with Brussels over the Brexit deal.

The British public voted to exit the European Union three years ago. However, the Westminster lawmakers are still not convinced that departing from the bloc would be in the nation's best financial and diplomatic interests.

In a brief statement, the newly-elected Prime Minister asserted he would deliver Brexit, unite the country and defeat the opposition in the face of the Labor Party. 

Along with Brexit, Johnson would also have to deal unraveling nuclear deal between the leading economies and Iran. 

London has found itself in a trap between Washington's aggressive campaign on Iran with its renewed sanctions, asset freezes, and the deployment of additional military forces in the region and Iran's commitment to the nuclear deal. Last week, Tehran seized a British oil tanker in the Strait of Hormuz, one of the most widely used waterways in the Persian Gulf.

Johnson is one of the closest allies of our President across the pond. Donald Trump was also among the first politicians to congratulate Johnson on his new role. In an early morning Tuesday tweet, Trump pointed out that Johnson "would be great" as the U.K. Prime Minister.

Shortly before its state visit to London in June, President Trump also took the chance to complement Boris Johnson in the local media. Donald Trump told the tabloid The Sun that Johnson was '' a very talented guy, who would do an excellent job as a Prime Minister.''

Boris Johnson has always been a vivid Brexit supporter. In his acceptance speech Tuesday, he has confirmed that the would withdraw his country from the European Union on October 31, regardless of whether London and Brussels reach a deal.

What do you think? Do you believe that the new Prime Minister would succeed to deliver Brexit with a deal?