Twitter also wants to insert advertising between the replies to a tweet.


According to a company official, this new function will show the "ads after the first, third or eighth reply in a tweet."

Twitter has positioned itself as one of the most important social networks globally, with the help of a service that is based on immediacy and simplicity to attract more and more the public. The importance of this platform was amply evidenced on October 4, when Facebook suffered one of the worst drops in its history, leaving all its users without service for almost seven hours.

Thus, people with accounts in applications such as WhatsApp, Instagram, or Messenger had to move to the 'blue bird' social network to see first-hand what was happening with Facebook Inc. and its 'cyber crisis'.

However, Twitter executives know that such relevance in the digital ecosystem leads them to take some 'daring' amid their community, such as the inclusion of new ways of displaying advertising.

Currently, this platform shows the commercials of its advertisers on strategic sites such as the main feed, in the lists that are born in the middle of the hashtags, and even in the results of the searches carried out by users. However, it seems that it is not enough for this company, so it is now thinking of placing new advertising in the responses to tweets (publications).

This was reported by Bruce Falk, product manager of the Twitter revenue area, through a thread posted on this social network. According to Falk, for a couple of days, the platform is "trying something different and testing a new ad format in the conversations of a tweet."

On the other hand, the Twitter manager indicated that although this option is already in the testing phase, the truth is that for now, it is only intended for a select group of people around the world, in addition to being shown only on mobile devices with Android or iOS operating system.

Likewise, Falk reported that starting this new function will show the "ads after the first, third or eighth response in a tweet."

"We see a great opportunity to create an advertising offering that creates value and aligns incentives for creators and advertisers. But first ... we try! (…) As we experiment with this format over the next few months, we will focus on understanding how it works and how it affects the people and conversations around them," the expert added in his thread.

As for the form and features that Twitter will test this new advertising design indicated that experience with "different frequencies, designs, contextually relevant ads, different insertion points, etc."

Now, as with any beta test of any technology company, this company is aware that the acceptance that people have of it may be low, so it will be the public with the last word in front of this new inclusion and their permanence on the platform. Therefore, your reactions and comments will be the dominant factor for Twitter to choose if it wants to be permanent on its social network.

"We're excited to test it for our advertisers and look forward to seeing how it can open the door to additional rewards for tweets authors and creators," Falk concluded.