Twitter announces a new monetization model for influencers.


With the inclusion of Ticketed Spaces and Super Follows, the 'blue bird' platform seeks to drive the growth of its famous users.

Social networks became from one moment to another a kind of market, in which the experiences and even the same people are the same product to offer. Facebook does this through advertising, as does its subsidiary Instagram, and a few months ago, TikTok joined this conversation. Of course, YouTube also enters that list, being one platform where the best monetization can be achieved.

However, as the years passed and passed with these networks making money through advertising and other types of virtual marketing strategies, Twitter stayed away from these strategies. Apart from the inclusion of a few ads among the Trends, the 'little bird' social network had not directly entered a market in which other large platforms have been participating for years: influencers. But that will change from now on.

Just hours ago, Twitter announced two new monetization projects in which celebrities (whatever their field) would be the main characters of the film. With Ticketed Spaces and Super Follows, influencers will be able to generate new income through this community.

Twitter is where people really talk about what's going on. It is a place where people can authentically express themselves and share their thoughts without filtering at the moment. We are working on ways for the people who drive those conversations to make money with the support of the audience and engage their followers in a new way, "explained Twitter through a press release.

Likewise, from the app, they indicated that these tools would not be done by default (or at least not for the moment), But there will be request sessions so that only influential people within Twitter can participate or not.

Ticketed Spaces

With the release of Spaces (Posts in Spanish), Twitter revolutionized the way its users could relate to each other. In real-time, the inclusion of audio rooms managed to unite hundreds of people through their voices in conferences, debates, or simple conversations within the social network.

With the inclusion of Ticketed Spaces, Twitter promises to strengthen this tool and create communities based on influencers, both on the social network and on the platform itself.

Ticketing locations help you create unique and exclusive live audio experiences in this space, for which your audience is willing to pay the price. With ticket locations, you have the flexibility to set ticket prices, which can be less than $ 1 or more than $ 999, Twitter said.

Likewise, it was detailed that with this option, the 'stars' will be able to configure and control the capacity of the spaces, creating "deeper links with their followers in an intimate environment," in addition to reminding the people who bought the "tickets" important data of space through "push notifications" sent directly to the devices of the attendees.

Super Follows

SuperFollow provides you with a direct relationship with your highly committed followers who can generate monthly revenue.

According to the social network, with Super Follows, celebrities will be able to create additional and private content with which they will get much closer with their most loyal followers, selling the exclusive right for $ 2.99, $ 4.99, or $ 9, $ 99 a month.

Now, Twitter has made it clear that with both ticketing venues and superfollowers, the platform will receive a commission from each person's earnings:

"Twitter won't take more than 3% share until you exceed $ 50,000 in lifetime earnings on both products. After this point, Twitter's share increases to 20% of future earnings. "

Finally, the company explained that if you want to be part of the first people to enjoy the benefits of these two new tools, You must apply to be part of the test groups. To do this, open Twitter and go to the sidebar, then tap Monetization to learn more and see if you're eligible.