Twitter launched its new account verification system.


This option is reactivated following updated guidelines. How is the process?

As anticipated, as of today, Twitter will begin to implement a new verification request process in the social network, that is, to obtain the famous blue badge next to the profile name, which is one of the forms that the platform has to help distinguish the authenticity of accounts that are of high public interest.

Over the past few months, we've been working to clarify certification eligibility criteria and launched a new policy based on public comments. We also began to enforce that policy by automatically removing the verified badge from accounts that no longer meet the updated criteria for verification, such as those that are inactive or incomplete," the company noted in the official statement.

What are the requirements to request verification

To qualify for the blue badge, you must meet the criteria in one of the six categories listed below:


-Companies, brands, and organizations

-News and journalists organizations


-Sports and games

-Activists, organizers, and other influencers

In addition to the eligibility criteria for the category specified in the verification policy, the account must also be completed. This means that you have to have a profile name, a picture, a confirmed email address, and a phone number. In turn, it is necessary that the profile is active during the last six months. It has a history of compliance with the Twitter Rules, as mentioned in the verification policy.

How to apply

Over the next several weeks, everyone on Twitter will start seeing the new authentication app straight in the Account Settings tab.

Once the request is submitted, the social network will send an email response within 1 to 4 weeks, either confirming to the user that the verification was approved or that the request does not meet the verification criteria.If the request is accepted, the blue badge will automatically seem on the profile. In case it has been revoked, and the user believes that he meets the requirements and Twitter's decision is wrong. He can resubmit his order 30 days after receiving the rejection.

We know that the current verification policy may not represent all people who should be able to verify on Twitter, so we plan to introduce more categories later this year, such as scientists, academics, and Religious leader. To stay updated with the verification, be sure to follow @Verified", they anticipate from the company.

In the future, the company plans more news to add improvements to the profile, such as an "About" page where there will be more data and options so that users can express themselves better.

The last big news that the company announced a week ago was the arrival of direct voice messages. This option allows you to send audios of up to 140 seconds privately to other users.

This is in line with last year's announcement from Twitter in which it added voice tweets that, at the moment, are only available for iOS devices. To use this tool, you have to choose to create a new Tweet and select the sound waves icon.

This, added to the presentation of Spaces or Espacios, a tool to create live audio conversations, makes it clear that the company is betting on audios as a form of communication.