Twitter Should Have Banned Trump, Wikipedia Founder Says

source: Pixabay

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales opined that President Trump should be banned from Twitter a long time ago. According to Wales, he is allowed to behave in a way that would see anyone else booted from the platform.

Speaking at the Financial Times ''FT Future of News Europe 2019'' conference in Amsterdam on Tuesday, Wales also said that most of Trump's tweets are ''out of line.''

Donald Trump is a ''blowhard,'' Wikipedia founder said, highlighting that he is continuously making false statements on Twitter. In addition to that, the US President is also using the platform to attack other people in an unprecedented way, Wales noted.

In Wales' view, Twitter's tolerance towards Trump makes it clear that the platform applies its rules differently.

In response to Wales' criticism, Twitter asserted that their rules apply to all users, including presidents. However, Twitter's spokesperson admitted that tweets from world leaders that might otherwise violate standards could be allowed because of ''public interest.''

Next to his negative feedback for Twitter, the Wikipedia founder praised its CEO Jack Dorsey's decision to ban all political advertising from the platform. Wales also pointed out that Facebook should also follow suit.

Wales also highlighted that the lack of fact-checking responsibility is ''unwise'' from Facebook's side. In his view, political advertising's profit is a small piece of Facebook's business, and the firm is better off without it, Wales concluded.

While in Amsterdam, Wales also has been actively promoting his recently-launched social media platform, WT Social. The new firm operates on an ad-free business model, Wales noted, highlighting that it heavily relies on users' donations.

Wales opined that profits could be the leading motivator for social media platforms to engage in inconsistent application of the established community standards.

Wales referred to a 2018 controversial tweet by Tesla's founder Elon Musk when the tech guru called a Thai man who had helped rescue a group of teenagers from an underwater cave in Thailand a ''pedo guy.''

Musk later clarified that the phrase referred to a ''creepy old man,'' not a pedophile. Wales said that any other Twitter user would have been banned from the platform for the same behavior. However, Twitter did not block Musk as his tweets generate a lot of ad revenue, Wales said.

What do you think? Do you agree or disagree with the statement that President Trump should have been banned from Twitter a long time ago?