Two killed, eight injured in Virginia Beach waterfront shooting.

source: Yahoo news

Police confirm two people died and many more injured after multiple shootings - including one involving a police officer - at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront on Friday night.

Police chief Paul Neudigate said the preliminary tally for the number of people shot was 10: police killed one, another died from further gunfire, and eight were injured.

Neudigate said police responded to an initial shootout at 20th Street and Atlantic Avenue. Dispatchers said the initial calls arrived around 11:20 pm EST.

Several shots were fired, and eight people were wounded, Nudegate said. 

On this scene, agents were actively working in, Pacific Avenue and 20th Street area. Additional shots were fired. This resulted in "an individual being confronted by a uniformed Virginia Beach policeman resulting in a police intervention shootout." This person was shot and killed, Neudigate said.

A second person who was not part of the shooting involving a police officer - and who also did not believe they were part of the shooting's initial incident - was also shot dead.

The chief also said that during the department's maritime front response, an officer was hit by a car and taken to hospital. Their injuries are not considered fatal.

All you can see is that we have a very chaotic event on the beach, a very chaotic night," Nudegate said. Lots of different crime scenes.

Police said officers were present in the area between 17th and 22nd Street working at the shooting scene. Police also asked people to flee the area during the interrogation.

Neudigate said the scene was "stable" during his brief press conference at around 1:45 am.

WAVY News 10 was on the scene, and around 1:30 am, they saw Virginia Beach Police arresting several people. The reason for their arrest was not promptly clear.

Neudigate said police had several people who had been arrested and were in custody. Still, their involvement in the incident was not entirely clear at the time.

Oceanfront traffic cameras showed a significant police presence and several blocked roads. Can view at least one ambulance from the cameras.

VDOT Hampton Roads tweeted reports that police activity had closed all eastbound lanes of traffic near milepost 25 on Interstate 264. This advisory was issued at approximately 12:20 am.

All eastbound lanes on I-264 at Meter 23.2 - First Colonial Road North at Exit 21B - in Virginia Beach and the entrance ramp were also closed at 12:40 pm.

Police said they would release more information as soon as it became available. Police would operate at the scene overnight, Neudigate said.