Two were killed and eight others were injured in a night shooting at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront

Two people were killed and at least eight others were injured in at least two night-related incidents at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront.


A Virginia Beach police officer was involved in one of the shootings and a police officer was rushed to hospital with minor injuries.

Police chief Paul Neudigate told that the initial number of people shot was 10. One man was killed by police, a woman was shot dead and eight others were injured.

Police heard gunshots between 17th Street and 22nd Street around 11:20 p.m., and found several victims in the area. Eight people have been hospitalized with gunshot wounds, ranging from the worst to death, according to media reports.

Six people went to Sentara Virginia Beach General Hospital by ambulance, one to Sentara Norfolk General Hospital and another - who has since left the hospital - to Sentara Princess Anne Hospital, said Dale Gauding, a Sentara spokeswoman, when released by the media. The other two went in alone at the Virginia Beach General Hospital, he said.

Two people were also treated at the scene but refused to be transported. It is unclear whether the two were admitted to hospital.

While police were investigating the shooting, they heard gunshots nearby, at 20 Street and Pacific Avenue. When a police officer confronted a man who had been shot dead by police, Neudigate told WAVY.

"Gunfire continued when the EMS arrived," said Bruce Nedelka, an EMS spokesman. "Our staff was in a hot spot as you call it."

A woman was also shot dead at the scene - it is not clear from police statements who shot her - she died with her wounds near the scene. He does not believe he was involved in the first shooting.

A video posted by BlackLivesMatter757 on Instagram seems to have taken the sound of these violent arguments. Several gunshots were heard, followed by shouts.

Police have told the media that the officer who shot the man has now been handed over to the administration pending the outcome of the investigation. The officer was assigned to the Special Operations Division. The officer has been working with the department for five years.

Staff were at the scene shortly after the first dispatch because there were paramedics at the scene, he said.

Within minutes the gunfire erupted for the first time, and a gunshot was fired again, Nedelka said. The incident involved a car accident that resulted in the beating of a police officer, he said.

"It was a dangerous situation," Nedelka said. "It's one thing to watch emergencies on TV, but it's another thing to hear gunshots next to you as you're there to help people who have been shot."

As the sun set on Friday night, the lobby was busy. It was unusually warm and humid by the end of March, and Atlantic Avenue was packed with people wearing shorts and bathing suits.

Maria Cherry-Oglesby and her husband, Brian, have decided to head to the Oceanfront from Suffolk for dinner. They found parking a meter about a mile away from the restaurant on 19 Street.

"It was a good night, and we wanted to go out and have fun," Cherry-Oglesby said.

At about 9:15 pm, on their way to a restaurant, they saw a crowd on Atlantic Avenue.

"People were dancing on the side of the road," he said. "This was a sign that the outside was open and people were ready to let go of whatever they were holding."

They ate dinner and drove home just after 11 p.m.

“We’re in 40 people and more,” he said. "It wasn't our crowd down there."

On Saturday morning, Cherry-Oglesby woke up to text her friend asking if she was OK. It was then that he realized that the shooting had taken place in the area just minutes after they got into their car.

"We left at the right time," he said. "We're glad we're safe."

Business owners in resorts were outraged by last summer's violence and the effects of coronavirus. The city plans to strengthen staff at the resort with a new embassy program that will help keep it safe and clean.

The shooting on Friday night, the start of the tourist season, is in full swing.

“It is a tragedy for people who have lost their lives and their families, I have to ask why? What's the point? ”Said George Kotarides, president of the Atlantic Avenue Association, representing businesses and areas around the resort.

Kotarides owns several pizza shops on Atlantic Avenue and is preparing for a busy spring.

"It's very worrying," he said. "It's like we're taking one step forward and three steps back."

He said members of the association were working to make the resort a safer, more acceptable place, but violence continued to hold them back.

"We're going through a very bad time, and people are trying to get out of the house and have fun, and this is what is happening," he said. "It's more than disappointing."