United States Is the World's Biggest Source of Instability, China Says

source: Pixabay

Washington is the world's biggest source of instability, Chinese State Councillor Wang Yi said on Saturday in an unprecedented attack at a G20 meeting in Nagoya, Japan, highlighting that top US diplomats are traveling around the world ''baselessly smearing China.''

During his meeting with the Dutch Foreign Minister Stef Blok, the top Chinese diplomat did not hold his criticism towards our country. Wang Li pointed also pointed out that the United States' politics is focused on protectionism and unilateralism, damaging the international trading system.

Diplomatic relations between Washington and Beijing reached historical laws in 2019 as both countries remained trapped in a trade war. In addition to that, the recent two bills the US House of Representatives passed this week to support the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong also added to the tensions.

President Trump also sent a warning to his Chinese colleague, asserting that Washington to observe human rights in Hong Kong. According to Wang Li, the United States used its domestic law to ''crudely interfere'' in Chinese internal affairs.

The top Chinese diplomat pointed out that no one can stop China's growth and economic development, including the United States. Wang Li opined that the only right path between Washington and Beijing is the win-win cooperation. 

Discussing the modern US-China relations at the Bloomberg New Economy Forum earlier this week, former US Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, said that China and the United States are in the ''foothills of a Cold War.''

In Kissinger's view, the ongoing trade war between the two leading economies could quickly escalate into armed conflict if left unresolved.

In response to Kissinger's comments, Chinese Vice President Wang Qishan called for nations to abandon the '' zero-sum thinking'' and ''Cold War mentality.'' 

Commenting on the potential interim trade agreement between Washington and Beijing, Chinese president Xi Jinping said that his country would work on a deal based on mutual respect and equality.

He emphasized that Beijing would work hard to avoid a trade war, but it would also fight back to defend its interests if necessary. Xi Jinping highlighted that Beijing had not initiated the trade conflict, and it is not something it wanted.

President Trump previously said he had hoped to sign a preliminary deal with China at the regional economic conference in Chile in November. The event was subsequently canceled due to the ongoing street protests in the country.  A new bilateral meeting has not been confirmed yet.

What do you think? Do you agree or disagree with the statement that the United States is the biggest source of instability?