United States: Several incidents of COVID-19 detected in the White House.

source: www.theguardian.com

Joe Biden's spokeswoman Jen Psaki said that among those who tested positive is a senior official. In all cases, these were fully vaccinated and showed only "mild symptoms" of the disease.

Biden's official spokeswoman Jane Sackie said Tuesday that several White House staffers, including a senior official, had been fully tested for COVID-19 after being fully vaccinated.

The press secretary said the senior official, whose identity she did not disclose, tested positive on Monday and showed only "mild" symptoms of the disease. The person had not had contact with President Joe Biden or other high-ranking officials.

"I want to confirm that yesterday (Monday), a full-fledged White House vaccination official tested positive for Covid 19 off-campus."

Another positive case was one of the spokespersons for the United States Lower House president, Democrat Nancy Pelosi. According to the newspaper, both the White House official and the Pelosi spokesperson who tested positive were at an outdoor reception at a Washington hotel last week alongside a delegation of Texas state legislators who are visiting the capital. Digital Axios.

At least two of those Texas lawmakers tested positive this weekend, days after meeting with US Vice President Kamala Harris. His team still determined that she had not run the risk of infection and therefore should not quarantine.

Psaki assured this Tuesday that Biden -who is vaccinated- takes a covid-19 test "every two weeks," as well as a good part of his advisers. At the same time, journalists who have access to the president are forced to submit to a quick test the day they go to see it.

He added that, according to "rigorous" protocols, the official will stay away from the White House while awaiting more evidence and that a contact tracing is being carried out.

"We know there will be cases," Psaki told reporters. "But as this incident shows, cases in vaccinated people are typically mild. The White House is prepared for cases with regular tests to appear".

He added that other members of the White House staff, at lower levels of responsibility, also tested positive without giving a number.

This is "another reminder of the effectiveness of anticovid vaccines against serious illnesses or hospitalizations," he said at a press conference.

The vaccination campaign in the United States has stalled in recent weeks after great strides. About 68% of adults have received at least a first dose, but significant geographic disparities exist.

Opposition to the vaccine is significantly tied to the political divide in the country, with much more pronounced hostility in the right-wing demographic, particularly among supporters of former President Donald Trump. They live in the southern states of the country.