Universal Studios Gives It One More Go—New “DOOM” Movie Set To Release Fall 2019

With the same storyline as its 2005 predecessor, Universal takes another shot at the "DOOM" film franchise.

source: Tracy Few

When the 2005 film version of the widely popular video game “DOOM” hit the screens, what was originally excitement soon turned into disappointment.  Even though the cast lineup sported fan favorite Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, the combination sci-fi action and horror movie was a dismal flop, pulling in a mere $15 million worldwide on a production cost of $60 million.

The fact that the film resulted in such horrible box office returns came as more than a surprise to most.  The franchise had gathered a rather large following, after its initial introduction back in 1993, with IBM compatible first-person shooter game.  

The video game became so popular it spawned a following of books, comics, spinoffs, and even video game sequels.  The game's premise of a space marine at war with both demons and the undead seemed to appeal to its legions of fans through the years, with “DOOM” having sold an estimated 10 million copies of the video game to date.

Dread Central recently reported that, even though the 2005 film failed to make a much-needed connection with fans and audiences alike, Universal Studios will give the game based film version another chance.  "Doom: Annihilation" is currently set for a fall 2019 release.  

The newest attempt at the film side of the franchise is stated not to be a sequel to Johnson’s 2005 “DOOM.”  Reports also state that the soon to be released “DOOM: Annihilation” is expected to be a straight to video release. 

Although there has been no indication as to when fans may anticipate a trailer release, there have been a few images released, hoping to pique interest and generate a buzz.  As for the storyline, earlier indications point to the fact that t run pretty much parallel to the 2005 version.  

Basically, while answering a distress call on one of Mars distant moons, a group of space marines quickly discover that they are in a fight for their lives against what appear to be hordes of demonic creatures. 

Although it seems more like a reboot than anything else, the all too familiar formula may resonate well with fans, as they have wanted Hollywood to try another attempt at the live-action adaption, and at the same time hope that it is done right this time.  

It is no surprise that the "DOOM" film franchise has had to struggle, as the leap from video game to film adaptations almost always tend to be notoriously tricky.  With the newest attempt, it is pretty much a given that there will be more hurdles than usual, considering that the effort at the transition was unsuccessful the first go round.

So, what’s the verdict—you decide.

Will the new film, with basically the same storyline as its predecessor, be able to succeed at the box office finally?