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Tunnelling experts are skeptical about the company's drilling plans are to work in the way

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Even by Las Vegas standards, a 1.7 km tunnel, which opened on Tuesday in order to transport the visitors to the convention center, the city, the landscape, creating, in particular, among the elected officials in the city of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Over the past few months, three separate groups of elected officials and business leaders from Fort Lauderdale, traveled to Las Vegas to visit this tube for bicycle, management of people, Tesla's cars are among the passengers on the three stations, and more.

The two often made by officials, Elon Musk drilling company, which offers Vegas tunnels to visit the Fort, and to discuss the building of what the Mayor and Mia Trantalis hope it will be a three-mile tunnel under the city, up to $ 30 million. With the hope to open by the end of 2022, the Vice-Mayor Heather Moraitis wrote in a letter to the governor. Ron DeSantis, are seeking the public's money for the project, would like to expand outside of the tunnel to the beach.

"We are very close to the business," Trantalis said, noting that other companies will be invited to take part in the trade, and the competition is against the Drilling company.

The mayor of Fort Lauderdale, Mia, Trantalis, was released in July 18-2019.

Fort Lauderdale Mayor Mia Trantalis. Susan Stoker / South Florida Sun-Sentinel via AP, file

However, if one is next to the date, the direction of which is to achieve a successful outcome is far from certain. Fort Wayne, in conjunction with the other cities, towns and counties in the South of Florida, including Miami could be looking for a new tunnel-digging company in Las Vegas, which is a solution to the transport problem, at the same time it is clear that the share of the tunnel's historical value. The San Bernardino County Transportation Authority, on the east side of Los Angeles, california, has recently confirmed that the formal negotiations for the building of a tunnel with a drilling company that is going to connect to the Ontario International Airport, the metro, said the four-mile drive away.

However, the tunnel projects, to drill a company-Musk will also feature Tesla, SpaceX, and Neuralink, has suggested that the building is in Los Angeles, Chicago, Baltimore, and appears to never have been started. At the same time, compared to the previous and the current version of the site, the Boring Co., ltd. the site has already seen the project in the three cities. Transportation officials in these towns and cities, leaving a reply, and when we asked if any of them have a hint of Fort Lauderdale's about what it can do.

In a growing number of civilian technical experts, and veterans of the tunnel, the industry is investing in the future of the tunnel in the Americas, it can drill them out much more quickly and cheaply than ever before. In a recent editorial, the entry into the Tunnels of the Journal, an industry publication, it will take away the Tunnels, the Mask of the Vegas strip, quite simply, as a "vanity" project." In February, Martin Herrenknecht, the CEO Herrenknecht, one of the world's leading manufacturer of tunnel boring machines, which is described as a worm, as in "full of hot air," in a recent interview with a German newspaper.