Uruguay Miss Universe/Miss World Contestant Fatimih Davila Sosa Found Dead In Hotel Room In Mexico -- Was This Random?

Fatimih Davila Sosa, a beauty queen, who represented Uruguay a decade ago, was found dead in Mexico where she was working as a model. In 2012, she shocked.

Uruguay Miss Universe/Miss World Contestant Fatimih Davila Sosa Found Dead In Hotel Room In Mexico -- Was This Random?730
source: Instagram

Authority reports indicate that Fatimih Davila Sosa, a beauty queen from Uruguay, has been found dead in a hotel room in Mexico.

The woman represented her country at both Miss World (2008) as well as Miss Universe (2006) and was a prominent figure in social and fashion circles.

Reports about her death remain sketchy and unconfirmed, and a lot of speculation has surrounded the incident.

It is not clear what could have transpired in the time leading up to her death.

Her Instagram account claims that she was working as a model in Mexico, although it is not yet known if the incident could have been related to her occupation.

Her prominent position has immediately sparked many rumors, with several people trying to guess what might have happened.

Authorities are keeping the situation under a tight lid at the moment, and have refused to come forward with additional information.

Meanwhile, there has been a small local outrage in the town where the woman was found dead, as it looks like residents have been growing discontent with a situation of criminal activity in general.

This is not the first time a woman in a similar position has been murdered in Mexico recently, and reports indicate that there has been substantial gang activity in the region related to human trafficking.

Whether Sosa was involved in something like that, or her death had entirely different reasons, remains difficult to tell.

Authorities have asked anyone with more information to step forward and testify in order to assist investigators.

The prosecution said in a statement: "Initial investigations have established that the woman ... arrived in Mexico City on April 23. An acquaintance helped her move into the above-mentioned hotel ahead of a job interview."

Davila, who was 31 years old, had ties to an escort ring. In a book, Dreams Broken, that was published in 2012, the following was revealed about Sosa: "Before being caught in the international prostitution ring, she was a shy girl whose dream was to keep studying. But just five years later, the young woman who dreamed of conquering the world had abandoned her professional aspirations and her conversations revolved around the nationality of the clients she slept with."

Do you think the murder is linked to the escort ring, yea or no?