US Citizen Arrested By FBI In Plot To Join Taliban—Is This A Sign Of Problems To Come?

source: Centcom

According to a report by federal prosecutors, FBI agents in New York City made an arrest Friday.  A Bronx man was at the John F. Kennedy International Airport for allegedly attempting to fly to Afghanistan.  The reason being—he was going to try to join the Taliban.

The individual, identified as 33-year-old Delowar Mohammed Hossain, was alleged to have planned to travel to Afghanistan in an attempt to be able to kill American soldiers abroad.  The US Attorney's Office issued the statement listing the charges for the Southern District of New York.

Also indicated in the statement was the fact that Hossain had purchased a ticket aboard a flight that was scheduled to leave from New York on its journey to Thailand, on July 26th.  According to the criminal complaint filed, Hossain the FBI proceeded to arrest when he attempted to board the flight.

Michael McGarrity, FBI Assistant Director of Counterterrorism, cited the criminal complaint: “Delowar Hossain had a despicable goal.  He wanted to make his way to Afghanistan, join up with Taliban forces, and kill Americans.  But he failed because members of the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force interrupted his plans.”

Prosecutors gave a detailed report of Hossain, a US citizen born in Bangladesh, New York City, including his arrest and subsequent charges.  Hossain had allegedly been expressing a desire to join Taliban forces with the intent to take up arms and fight against the US military in early fall of 2018.

The complaint went on to state that Hossain attempted the recruitment of an FBI confidential source, as well as having the individual travel to Pakistan with him, where they would then make their way across the border of Afghanistan, affording them the chance to join up with the Taliban.

Documents showed that Hossain had made great effort to try to disguise his actual intent, in the flying to Thailand to then proceed to cross over into Pakistan.  Hossain was very prepared for his journey, having purchased walkie talkies and hiking gear well beforehand.  He had also encouraged the FBI "recruit" to save money to use for the purchase of weapons once they reached Afghanistan.

Prosecutors also quoted a statement made by Hossain, saying “I want to kill some kufars (non-believers) before I die.”

Hossain was charged in criminal court with terrorism with the attempt to provide material support to further the acts.  If found guilty, this crime holds a punishment of up to 15 years in prison.  On Friday, Hossain made his appearance before a Manhattan judge in a federal courtroom.

So, what’s the verdict—you decide.

Should the punishment for these types of acts of terrorism hold a much larger penalty?