US intelligence agencies concluded that China "obstructs the investigation" into the origin of COVID-19.


A report by US secret agencies ruled out that COVID-19 was generated as a chemical weapon. However, Joe Biden assured that Xi Jinping's regime "prevents researchers from accessing information about the origin of the coronavirus."

US President Joe Biden said on Friday that China was withholding "critical information" about the origins of Covid-19, which has paralyzed the world and killed nearly 4.5 million people.

"There is critical information about the origins of this pandemic in the People's Republic of China, yet from the beginning, Chinese government officials have worked to prevent international researchers and members of the global public health community from gaining access. Her, "Biden said in a statement.

"To this day, the People's Republic of China continues to reject calls for transparency and withholding information, even as the number of victims of this pandemic continues to rise."

Meanwhile, US intelligence agencies remain divided over the origins of the coronavirus but believe Chinese leaders were unaware of the virus before the global pandemic began, according to results released Friday of a review ordered by President Biden.

According to an unclassified summary, four members of the American intelligence community claim with little confidence that the virus was initially transmitted from an animal to a human. A fifth intelligence agency believes with moderate certainty that the first human infection was related to a laboratory. Analysts do not think that the virus was developed as a biological weapon.

China's refusal to cooperate fully with the US and international investigations into the virus has analyzed its origin difficult. On Friday, the Director of National Intelligence said that China "continues to obstruct the global investigation, resisting sharing information and blaming other countries, including the United States."

The cause of the coronavirus remains an urgent public health and safety concern around the world. In the United States, many conservatives have accused Chinese scientists of developing COVID-19 in a laboratory and allowing it to leak. However, the scientific consensus remains that the virus most likely migrated from animals in what is known as a zoonotic transmission.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry attacked the US investigation before the report was released. While briefing foreign journalists, Foreign Ministry Director General Fu Cong said that the United States could not be covered up as a scapegoat for China.

"If they want to accuse China without foundation, they better be prepared to accept China's counterattack," he said.

Biden ordered in May a 90-day review of what the White House said was an initial finding that led to "two likely scenarios ": an animal-to-human transmission or a laboratory leak. The White House said at the time that two agencies of the 18-member intelligence community were leaning toward the hypothesis of a message in the wild, and another agency was leaning toward a lab leak.

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence on Friday did not specify which agencies supported the hypothesis. But he pointed to some of the same obstacles faced by the World Health Organization and scientists worldwide: the lack of clinical samples and data from the first cases of COVID-19. Thus, according to the bureau, Beijing's cooperation will most likely be needed to move forward.

To carry out the review, intelligence agencies consulted with allied nations and experts outside the government. For example, an epidemiologist joined the National Intelligence Council. This high-level think tank consults with the head of the intelligence community.