US senators presented a resolution to highlight the fight for human rights of José Daniel Ferrer in Cuba


The initiative, presented by Republicans Rick Scott, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, also "condemns the ruthless communist regime" in Havana and "urges the international community to support the Cuban people in their fight for freedom."

THIS WEEK, three US senators presented a resolution highlighting dissident leader José Daniel Ferrer's fight for democracy and human rights in Cuba .

The initiative, carried out by Republicans Rick Scott, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz (the first two representatives from Florida, the third from Texas) also “condemns the ruthless communist regime in Cuba and urges the international community to support the Cuban people. in his fight for freedom ”.

The presentation was made on the same day that Ferrer was arrested - and later released - by police forces that had established a siege around the headquarters of the Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU), a group headed by the political leader.

The actions of Castro's agents sought to prevent the passage of activists and homeless people who tried to approach their organization to look for food or medicine .

They fear that, despite state terrorism, they will continue to lift partial sieges against workers and homeless people in a few days. The headquarters was filling up with people. As yesterday we published on our channel from YouTube two videos showing that the headquarters was filling up with people, that greatly annoyed them. They decided to impose the siege again ”, said Ferrer.

In recent days, the dissident leader had repeatedly denounced cuts in his telephone services and internet access, as well as the arrests of other dissidents .

On April 11, the opposition member and around twenty activists concluded a three-week hunger strike against a police siege around the Unpacu facilities.

In statements that accompanied the presentation of the resolution, Senator Rick Scott referred to the actions mentioned above: “ I am proud to lead my colleagues today to support José Daniel Ferrer and the brave activists who tirelessly fight to defend human rights, freedom and the democratic movement in Cuba . Cuba's genocidal regime must stop persecuting dissidents, artists, and journalists who oppose its oppression. 

He said that Jose Daniel Ferrer and his movement were the future of Cuba, not the ruthless communist government.

Rubio, for his part, indicated: “For decades, the Castro brothers, as well as their presidential puppet, have resorted to violence, censorship, repression and arbitrary detentions to censor and silence the voices of any Cuban who opposes their tyranny. Ferrer's bravery, as well as the courage of the UNPACU members, both on the island and abroad, are true examples of patriotism ”.

This would not be the first recognition that Ferrer received in the United States. In June 2020, he was also awarded the Truman-Reagan Medal of Freedom . Ferrer was honored with this medal awarded by the Victims of Communism association, based in Washington, on the occasion of the celebration of the anniversary of the dedication of a statue in the US capital to all those who have suffered at the hands of communist regimes.

The 50-year-old general coordinator of UNPACU was a member of the "group of 75" dissidents in 2003 during the repressive wave known as the "black spring", released between 2010 and 2011 extra-criminal leave after a dialogue in which the Catholic Church and the Spanish Government.

Also, he was one of the twelve members of that group who decided to remain in Cuba after his release.

Since then, he has been detained countless times, the longest between October 2019 and April of last year , when he was charged with injuries, kidnapping, and assault allegedly assaulting another man.

For this reason, Ferrer remained in preventive detention for six months until in April 2020 he was imposed a sanction of home confinement for 4 and a half years after being tried behind closed doors, in a case that drew international criticism, including those from the European Parliament. .

The Cuban authorities, for their part, maintain that Ferrer has a "long history of provocative actions against public order and legality", deny that he is a political prisoner and has publicly accused himself of being a paid agent in the service of the United States