USA: a mother forced her daughter to stand for three days and caused her death.


After three days, the 4-year-old girl collapsed and hit her head hard. His mother decided to bury his remains in the backyard of the house and hide the murder.

A mother in the United States is being accused of having killed her daughter using, apparently, a cruel method of punishment: forcing her to stand for three days in a row until she died.

The woman, Malikah Bennett, lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, and was arrested by authorities after inspecting her home, where they found the decomposed remains of the four-year-old girl buried in the backyard.

Authorities came to search the house after the notice of a social worker concerned about the whereabouts of Majelic Young, the little girl who was among her work cases and whom she had not seen for several months.

In an arrest warrant for the mother obtained by WSOC-TV, authorities note that the girl died in August 2020, months before police found her body in May this year.

It is clear to the authorities that Malikah, Majelic's mother, killed the minor and covered up her death by burying her in the backyard. The arrest warrant also includes the testimony of Majelic's older sister, who described the last day of the girl's life.

The 13-year-old girl told detectives that her 4-year-old sister was punished for getting dirty. According to her, Majelic was forced to stand in the laundry room as punishment.

He stood there for three days, without the right to sit or leave, until he collapsed and hit his head hard on the ground. Bennett tried to give her CPR, but the girl passed away.

Bennett allegedly washed Majelic's body and placed it in two garbage bags. The remains remained in a van for a few days before they were finally buried in the backyard, the order alleges.

"I've worked homicide for most of the last ten years, and I can tell you that this case is deeply disturbing, "Charlotte-Mecklenburg Lt. Bryan Crum told reporters during a news conference earlier this year.

"It is disturbing for everyone who has worked on it. The crime scene investigators, the detectives, everyone involved in this case; many of us are parents, and it is very difficult to understand how someone could do this to their son, kill his son, bury him and continue with his life as usual, "he added.

Bennett has been charged with child exploitation and first-degree crime. She is being held without bail and has not yet pleaded guilty. Court records do not reflect an attorney authorized to speak on your behalf.